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Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Since moving to Tucson, you cannot imagine how many prickly pear flavored anything I’ve ingested! Whether it’s margaritas, teas, jelly, you name it, I’ve tried it – as you can imagine, the margaritas are my personal favorite 😉 Since moving here, I kind of just took to the whole idea of having prickly pear flavored foods and drinks, but really didn’t understand exactly what it was or why the heck it’s shaping our food scene. It’s actually the best-loved cactus in the world. Best loved because the amount of delicious, red tangy fruits it produces. We also have an ABUNDANCE of this cacti in the Tucson area. I’ve even seen animals running around in our backyard with these fruits in their mouths – the chipmunk was the cutest. And by now, you’re probably wondering why the heck I’m talking about this & you may be surprised, but prickly pear has seeds that yield one of the best anti-aging oils around! WINNING!

Prickly pear contains the most Vitamin E of any beauty oil on the market & the highest percentage of unsaturated fatty acids – making it the most powerful oil for your skin. Prickly pear offers a wide variety of benefits to consider –


Benefit #1 Helps restore elasticity & brightens the complexion

Because it is so high in anti-oxidants, it helps stimulate cell renewal. It also reduces redness & hyperpigmentation.

Benefit #2: Nourishes

This oil intensely moisturizes the skin – it works for all skin types, but works really well on dry & mature skin types! Because it is so high in linoleic acids, even the most dry skin has a fighting chance!

Benefit #3 Tightens pores

Essential fatty acids in prickly pear oil keeps the collagen layer of your skin moist and healthy & keeps those pores tight

Benefit #4 Brightens dark spots

This oil is unparalleled in its ability to help brighten dark spots & even under eye circles. Vitamin K also helps with this!

#CheekyConfidential Got spider veins? Apply it to your legs to lessen the severity!

Benefit #5 Helps with aging

Contains the highest level of Betelains of any known plant which is a SUPER antioxidant with extremely powerful anti-aging benefits.

Benefit #6 Prevents wrinkles

Because of the large amount of Vitamin E prickly pear contains, it  increases cell renewal and the high fatty acid content plumps the skin and reduces wrinkles!

Benefit #7 It’s non-comedogenic

It won’t clog your pores & lead to breakouts!

Benefit #8 Sensitive skin loves it too

If you have sensitive skin, have no fears! Prickly pear helps calm inflammation and hydrates the skin.

Benefit #9 It’s effects are immediate

You will feel the immediate skin-softening effects and your skin will glow, even after just the first day!

#CheekyConfidential Other common names for prickly pear oil include Barbary fig seed oil & Indian fig seed oil

Are you sold on using prickly pear oil on your skin? Here are some great product recommendations:

Poppy Austin Pure Barbary Fig Seed Oil

ECLA Prickly Pear Seed Oil (this is on my Christmas list)

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