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A Review: Amore Pacific Eye Renewal Creme

While we ‘love’ Amore Pacific (get it? amore means love in Italian!) as an overall skincare line, we didn’t fall in love with their Eye Renewal Creme. Amore Pacific was established in 1945 by Sung-Hwan Suh and is committed to being the ‘Asian Beauty Creator’, which is why we sought them in out the first place.  Asian societies place a much higher importance on skincare than our society (50% of their beauty industry is focused on skincare, ours is about 20%) and we love that about them.  Not only that but they use ingredients found in nature which allows their products to nourish the skin at a deeper level.  Win, win!

We have tried several products from Amore Pacific, including:

Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Masque – uber hydrating

Targeted Eye Masque – reduces the lines of wrinkles, really helped us look awake & refreshed (used it before big events)

Treatment Enzyme Peel – helped us with our dull looking skin (we especially liked it because it started out as a powder, then turned into a soapy exfoliator)

As far are the Eye Renewal Creme went… here are our takeaways:Amore Pacific Eye Renewal Creme

Amore Pacific boasts that it’s an intensive anti-aging creme that improves the overall appearance of darkness and puffiness around the eye area.  It’s an emollient eye cream that utilizes a powerful blend of green tea & botanical extracts that help alleviate the appearance of darkness & puffiness around the eyes. I purchased this creme mainly for the fine lines around my eyes & to help with puffiness that I get from having pain in the ass allergies all year round. I’ve been using it for the past 6 months which is probably 5 months too long.  I think because it was a whopping $260, I felt that I had to keep using it.  Plus, the reviews online were all 5-star and I had heard from a fella in Tampa that it was great with fine lines. Ohhh and it was a Neiman Marcus ‘Beauty Award Runner Up’…..Maybe it’s just me?

I can’t say that I noticed my fine lines disappearing or even lessening.  I can 100% say that the puffiness in my eye area worsened while using it.  I don’t know if it was too thick of a cream or what, but every morning I would wake up with really puffy (hydrated) eyes.  It wasn’t like I had an allergic reaction as far as puffiness goes, it just seemed to intensify the puffiness that I already had going on. I decided a couple weeks ago to take a break from using it for a couple days to see if it was indeed the culprit causing my puffy eyes or maybe allergies here in Tucson are just that bad. After about the 3rd day of not using it, I noticed that my puffiness was almost non-existent…… or at least it was back to my normal puffiness level.

So what do you say!?

Pros –

  • Soothing
  • Very moisturizing
  • Smelled great (pretty fragrant, just a heads-up if you’re sensitive to that)
  • Made my skin feel dewy, even in the morning after sleeping with it on

Cons –

  • $260 – I could TOTALLY find a better way to spend my money (what the hell was I thinking!?)
  • Caused overall puffiness underneath my eyes
  • Really thick (I had cat fur sticking to my eyes, lovely!)

Maybe I should have just switched from Zyrtec to Allegra and called it a day….

We are on the hunt for an eye cream that works!  For years, we have not come across any eye creams that we’ve loved. Let us know what you’ve fallen in love with or keep following us until we find one! #TeamEffort

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