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Say Goodbye to Acne Scars

It’s hard enough to get acne, it’s even more of an ass pain to continue dealing with the acne once it’s over! If you have suffered from any sort of acne before & have leftover scaring, we’ll steer you in the right direction for proper treatment.

First off, knowing the type of acne scarring you suffer from will help you find the best treatments. Most of the time, acne will leave a little purple dot on the skin reminding us how great they were & then slowly fade with time. Some can take a couple months, while some take a couple years to go away. I had one (I’ll never forget) that was one heck of a zit that wouldn’t go away – i.e. I picked to death – and that scar lasted for a good 2 years in-between my luscious brows! Never again did I go at a zit like that! Anyways, we’re not here to talk about me! If your acne decided to REALLY show how great they were during their visit, then there are a few types of scarring that could occur –

  • Ice-pick scars – tiny but deep holes in the skin’s surface
  • Rolling scars – uneven, rolling wave appearance (I have a few in my chin area from the pubescent days)
  • Boxcar scars – craters in the skin
  • Hypertrophic scars – raised & bumpy

Now if you suffer from the pigmented scarring that slowly goes away with time, here are some great options to help them go away more quickly! However, if you suffer from deeper scarring, we’ll review that in the treatments section below.

Before we get into the actual products, it’s best to know what to think about when getting rid of acne scars – 

  • Regular exfoliation is key because you want to rid of that top layer of damaged skin
  • Brightening products are helpful because they will lighten up any pigmentation caused by acne
  • Retinoids help build collagen which will help fill out those acne scars
  • Vitamin E is a great healing oil that will lessen the look of acne scars
  • Sleeping oils/masks can be great because they’re treating your skin while you sleep which is when you heal the most
  • Antioxidants will help give you that extra boost during your healing process

Bio Oil Multi-Use Skincare Oil – great for stretch marks & acne scars – #CheekysChoice

image compliments of Ulta.com

Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil – the bottle is just so pretty, I would buy it just for that reason!

image compliments of Sephora.com

Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Brightening Sleep Mask

image compliments of Ulta.com

Renee Rouleau Post Breakout Fade Gel – esthetician to the stars!

image compliments of Renee Rouleau

Dr. Dennis Gross Collagen C+ – #CheekysChoice

image compliments of Dr. Dennis Gross


When it comes to the proper treatments, you will want to consider your budget to self-esteem ratio! I’m a HUGE believer that we should save our money for treatments that will make us FEEL better. We save for purses, shoes, cars, whatever… and those happiness feelings only last for a certain amount of time. INVEST in yourself! You are all that matter! So if you suffer from acne scarring, do your research and get the help that you need. Far too often I see folks with deep acne scarring & I know that it hurts them… I want y’all to know that there is treatment & they can be affordable!

  • Skin peels – light, deep & medium peels – #CheekysChoice to start out! @ $65-$250

Light peels – good for pigmented, purply spots!

Medium peels – good for ice pick, box car & rolling scars

Deep peels – good for ice pick, box car & rolling scars

  • Laser scar removal aka laser resurfacinganother #CheekysChoice! @ $1500
  • Dermabrasion – not ideal for deeper scarring @ $900
  • Microdermabrasion – not ideal for deeper scarring
  • Fillers – Check out Bellafill
  • Steroid injections – good for hypertrophic scars
  • Blue light treatment – lessens inflammation on the skin
  • Factional CO2 laser – works by treating the textural changes in your skin

Please talk to your skincare provider about the best option for you! We’re just here to aid in your research! If you’ve had a successful acne scarring treatment & want to share it with the Cheeky community, let us know in the comments section below!

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