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Self Care During the Holidays (& Beyond!)

This couldn’t come at a more perfect time! I’m lying here milking a nasty chest cold and it’s the holiday season so self care it is! The universe must have known something was brewing because I had saved a self care article I saw on Free People and planned to write about it in good health today, so it’s starting to sound like somebody upstairs knew it was the perfect time to be focusing on self care.

From what I’m gathering, there seems to be quite a few sicknesses going around. For whatever that’s worth. Poobear has had this chest cold for a week, our friends who we visited with in Denver, Robs has had it just as long and my bestie, his wife, is trying her best to fight it off now too. Plus, I heard from my co-worker that a 24-bug is going around her friend group. Gah! So needless to say, maybe you’re reading this with a bed full of Kleenex and horrible Hallmark Christmas movies playing in the background, or maybe you’re one of the lucky few who are sick-free this holiday season. Whatever group you can relate to, regardless of how ya feel, self care is EVERYTHING and it can be especially important during the holidays.

Side note: I will say I could have been feeling much worse if it weren’t for the Fire Cider I’ve been sucking down. I really think that’s helped me not feel as bad as Josh has been feeling for the past week. I have been able to work but just low energy and it hurts to sneeze. God forbid I sneeze. I’m getting a knot in my stomach just thinking about the next time I have to sneeze. And no joke… JUST sneezed! I certainly brought that into fruition… dang it!

Self care is something I’ve struggled with as I’m sure many of you have. It’s a constant balance! Sure, I can most definitely be high maintenance in the self-care practices I like to participate in, whether that’s getting a new laser treatment or finding a new serum. But I’m not the best at focusing on actual self-care rituals that will help me not only be a better person, but feel better too! My face might look better after the laser treatment, but it’s not like it was relaxing or I spent the time in the office chair meditating. I’m sure I was chatting Dr. Rubbani’s ear off. That’s where I tend to fall short. And I think many of us can relate to that.

If you’re on the hunt for some self care rituals or even thought provoking ‘attitudes’ you can adopt today and bring with you into 2019, then this is the blog for you. Plus, we took the liberty of finding lots of fun tools, gifts & stocking stuffers to help us do just that. Self care & shopping? What could be better.

I am no expert at any of the following (thank Christ, that’s probably a blessing). I’ve gone to shrinks, life coaches, therapists, healthcare professionals, acupuncture, done cognitive behavioral therapy, taken prescriptions, etc. And I’m still on the hunt for what makes me tick. But I’m just sharing with you what I’ve learned & I would love for you to do the same!

For now, I have 3 new self care rituals I’ve been working towards that I think may interest you. They’re not skin related, but these tips and tricks can help you to be happier, thus glowing skin 😉

Be Present

This is hard for me cause I tend to be a future thinker, but try to get a better grasp on how you are in daily life. Are you on your phone? Are you paying attention to an email? Are you thinking about your work day tomorrow? Whatever the case may be, if you’re not living in the moment, it can make for somewhat of an empty feeling inside. It just tricks your body into thinking you’re in this go-go-go mode and you’re never really stopping to smell the roses.

While I generally don’t like to be on my cell phone, I will say my issues come when my brain goes crazy thinking about what’s next…Where will we land when Josh retires, when will we finally be settled enough to buy our dream house, when we will get a dog that I’ve been wanting to get for 10+ years, when will I be able to go to medical esthetician school, when will I be able to further Cheeky Complexion. See, your head is probably spinning and now I’ve put you into a tailspin of your own future concerns.

So this is a reminder to do your best to live in the now and be happy & excited in the now. Sure, you can always, always dream, create, innovate, all that good stuff. But don’t let it take away from where you are at this exact moment.

Practice Gratitude

For the very first time in my life, I began a ‘new’ workout regime with the notion that I was going to FEEL HEALTHY and not focus on HOW my body would look. It was such a stupid realization for me, but for years, I’ve been working out & playing sports to sculpt, get a six pack, look good in a bikini (god forbid I have to wear one again), get a larger ass (that still ain’t working), etc. The list goes on! But this go-round, I said to myself, ‘You’re 30, you ain’t getting younger and your health is really all you’ve got’. So with that idea, I began hopping on the bike, 6 days a week, riding 7 miles a day for just 30 minutes. In less than 30 days, I’m down 10 lbs. I didn’t need to lose weight, I wasn’t trying to lose weight… It just happened. In fact, I didn’t even know I lost weight till yesterday when I finally ordered a scale. I’m not telling you this story to brag on myself, though that was pretty cool, I’m telling you this story because it has taken me 31 years to be GRATEFUL for the body that was given to me.

Similar to the idea up above of being in the present, practicing gratitude goes along the same lines. Focusing on those things for which you are thankful shifts the way you think and puts things into perspective. Take 5 minutes, 30 minutes, ride a bike, run, do something, but think about what you are grateful for EVERY DAY! If I could highlight some gratitudes in my life, it would be: My health, my unwavering ability to persevere, my excessive determination, my family, my husband, our cat, Cheeky Complexion – you guys, DUH!, my 9-5 job that I love, the ability to bike every morning in a beautiful and safe home and finally, the opportunity for change. Not everyone has these luxuries and it’s something to be celebrated. Write out your list or take some time right now to think about what you’re grateful for. I bet you feel better!

And don’t be like the old me who would be a brat and say ‘I’m thankful for clouds in Arizona’ since it’s literally groundhogs day every damn day here 😉 Anyways, I digress. I mean who am I kidding, the ‘old’ me hahahahaha, I bet I threw shade (pun intended) 30 minutes ago about something….See, I’m a work in progress, just like you!  

Enjoy ‘It’ 

Whatever it is! Though I mentioned I’m grateful for my determination & perseverance, it comes with a price. I become absolutely neurotic when I want to do well at something. I pretty much ruin everything I’ve ever done because I push myself to the brink of insanity…I worked too hard at track in high school that I just became a bundle of nerves and couldn’t bear the thought of having to perform at ONE MORE track meet. I was doing Barre 3 almost every day of the week and kept going for more weight, more reps, it started to become boring & easy. I just end up ruining things and taking the FU out of fun if you know what I mean 😉 I only included 2 workout examples, but I often have to remind myself not to take things so seriously & just have FUN!

Whatever it is that you enjoy, do it! If it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else, HAVE A LITTLE FUN! Growing up and being the prankster and troublemaker that I was and now listening to my mom and dad remind me to take it easy and don’t get so worked up, I can’t say I ever saw that happening. So this is to remind you to eat the cake, stay up late, stay home if you want to, watch a shit ton of Hallmark movies, even if it’s more than one human should, whatever it is, pick it back up and hit the enjoy button cause life will pass by before your eyes and before you know it, you forget what fun really means.

Now it’s time for the fun products & less of me being preachy! Was it helpful!? If you’re looking for ways to ‘force’ you to participate in self-care or you think my list above is a bunch of mumbo jumbo, then let’s take a look at some buys you can consider to get you on your way! All inspired by my favorites from Free People’s ‘Wellness’ section. It’s really badass if you haven’t ever visited their site.

Sound Bowl & Mala Kit

‘Handmade by artisans in Nepal, this traditionally-inspired Tibetan Singing bowl features a hand-hammered design. Made from a combination of seven metals for a unique look, the bowl also comes with a leather wrapped wooden mallet. With the mallet, you are meant to strike the bowl, or run the wooden mallet around the rim to create a vibrational sound. A practice used in meditation and healing for centuries, the sound vibrations are believed to impact our nervous system, allowing relaxation and stress release.’

Skin Gym Rose Quartz Facial Roller

‘Maximize your skincare routine with this rose quartz facial roller that uses the properties of crystal to promote smooth, youthful skin. Adding this massaging facial roller into your ritual can help to boost collagen, reduce puffiness and wrinkles, tighten pores and eliminate toxins. Plus, you can give your face a full workout that will benefit your skin.’

Spitfire Girl Ritual Kit

‘Promote positive energy and cleanse your home with these mystical ritual kits. The Abundance Kit is meant to draw in luck, abundance and wealth into your life. The Protection Kit helps to cleanse, protect and purify yourself and space.’

Page Thirty Three Void Incense Diffuser

‘Stimulate the senses with the beautiful aromas from calming, natural Australian white sage. When burned, the cleansing and purifying plant can be diffused into any space to ward off negative energies while offering clearing and protection. Each Void Diffuser set includes a pack of white sage incense, a unique spun metal incense funnel with a solid concrete base and a brass insert for healthy rituals made simple.’

Moon Juice Night Beauty

‘Get your best beauty rest with this innovative blend from Moon Juice that combines three of their best-selling products to make one supercharged addition to your nighttime beauty routine. This calming adaptogenic blend includes Beauty Dust® and Dream Dust®, Night Beauty™ to help you get a less stressful, beautifying and reparative sleep. This powder aims to helps balance your body’s stress response – soothing tension for more restful sleep, supporting overnight repair, and combating the signs and effects of stress, like diminished collagen and skin elasticity.’

Elektric Alice Soy Quartz Crystal Candle – The White Collection

‘The Crystal Candle Collection was created from the combination of the healing powers of crystals and the memories that scents provoke. ‘

Wild Honey Apothecary Gem & Honey Infused Bath Salts

‘Hand blended, crystal quartz charged bath salts infused with honey for a naturally fragrant and irresistibly relaxing soak. Each pouch contains a mix of various essentials oils from cacao to blood orange for an incredible therapeutic experience.’

Bala Bangles

‘Add extra resistance to your workout with these stylish wearable weights. Weighing one pound each, these bangles can be worn on the wrists or ankles to add a constant but comfortable level of resistance that helps to increase heart rate, burn fat, and build muscle. Wear these weights during any workout from yoga to running to boxing, for an extra boost to your fitness routine.’

Merben Sisal Body Dry Brush

‘Perfect for dry or wet use, this handmade natural sisal brush helps to remove dead skin cells, stimulate circulation, eliminate the body of toxins and reduce the appearance of cellulite.’

Body Vibes

‘Body vibes are smart stickers programmed with specific sub-harmonic frequencies to target a particular lifestyle concern.

The Bio-Energy Patch was originally developed by a group of homeopathic doctors and engineers. The group set out to use Frequency Technology to re-balance the human body and restore systemic deficiencies in humans. The engineering became known as Bio-Energy Synthesis Technology.’

Psychic Dream Spray

‘Enhance your dream life with this all-natural spray, handmade in Brooklyn, NY. Crafted from a blend of essential oils, this comforting spray is known to enhance dreaming, while soothing and relaxing.’

Some information and images supplied by Free People.

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