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Wet Shaving Tips for Anyone with Hair!

Did you know that shaving your legs first became all the rage for women during World War II when nylon stockings were in short supply & bare legs became a trend!? And for thousands of years (yes, we said thousands), men have been fighting the facial hair battle! Men in particular will spend more than 3,000 hours shaving in a lifetime, whereas women spend around 2,000 hours shaving. So we’re all in agreement that we spend a lot of time shaving, right?! Why not learn the BEST ways to shave! I mean, who wants ingrown hairs, nicks, dry skin & burning?! Not I said the fly!

Before we even get started on the best ways to shave, let’s talk about products! Kiehl’s has an amazing line of ‘close shavers’ products to choose from!  We would highly recommend you check those out for an exceptional shave. Looking for more of a drugstore type product? We highly recommend Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel! It’s perfect for all mankind – gentle, soothing and cheap 😉

Now, it’s time for the tips and tricks when shaving – we want all our Cheekies out there to have beautiful skin without any irritations!

Apply baby oil before shaving cream

For those who consistently deal with razor burn, try this 2-step approach.  Slap on the baby oil and then apply the shaving cream – trust us, you won’t have razor burn to deal with.  If you’re in a rush & you’re out of shaving cream, olive oil is the next best thing!

Invest in a badass wet shave razor

I personally prefer men’s razors when it comes to my leg hair.  Maybe because my leg hair resembles copper wire, much like men’s facial hair but that’s for another day. There are several things to consider when choosing a razor –

  • Blade type – the best razors use stainless steel blades for premium sharpness.  We recommend using a razor with 3 to 4 blades for maximum closeness.
  • Razor head – adjustability is key when it comes to safety. Look for a razor that has a pivotal head.
  • Maintenance – cartridge razors require consistent rinses & swapping out of blades. Straight razors require more care to preserve shelf life.
  • Length & weight – do you like long or short handles? This is totally up to you! However, look for a razor with minor heft as you’ll want the weight of the razor to do the shaving for ya.
  • Special features – never thought I’d write that when it comes to razors, but some razors have lubrication strips that make all the difference in the world.

Couple solid brands of razors to mention – Gillette (Fusion and Mach), Schick (Hydro Silk), Merkur (Heavy Duty Safety Razor)

…. Interested in the old-school brush? The shaving brush (aka badger, how cute) serves as a mixing tool for creating lather. The brush will also help lift up the whiskers when applying the lather to your skin. When considering a brush, look for: lightweight, wide bristled, medium price range, produces a rich lather, soft bristled & vegan (if you’re into it).

Avoid a dull razor

Change out those cartridges on a regular basis or grab a new razor every few days, dependent on how often you shave.  A dull blade can lead to nicks and razor burns. On a serious note, try not to borrow other people’s razors, you could contract Hepatitis C which is never pretty 😉

Exfoliate before shaving

We recommend getting all those dead skin cells off before shaving.  We’ve all seen how that dead skin can clog up your razor.  Consider using a dry brush before you step into the shower or even mix olive oil and sugar.

The proper way to shave

The hair on that hot bod of yours grows in every which direction.  Let’s talk about the general way in which yours hairs grow – 8pqcq8s

  • Leg hair – grows down
  • Underarm hair- all over the place
  • Facial hair – we need a map for that

You typically want to avoid shaving against the grain in which your hair grows.  If you’re not sure, take your hand and simply glide it over the hair & pay attention to where you feel roughness or resistance. That should be against the grain.  The direction where you feel smoothness is with the grain – that’s what ya want!

How to avoid ingrown hairs

Exfoliate daily! If you just keep getting ingrown hairs, consider using something like Tend Skin. This stuff is amazeballs!

Lather up!

We recommend getting a post shave balm type product after your shaving endeavors are said and done. Here are a few of our favorites (don’t pay attention to the gender recommendations for these guys, they soothe everybody’s skin – female, male, white, black, purple, green – it doesn’t matter).

Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Razor Bump Relief

Nivea Aftershave Balm (great for face AND armpits)

Not feeling it? Just use coconut oil – you’ll get immediate conditioned and moisturized sin.

If you follow these tips, we promise that you’ll get less irritations caused by razors! If all hell breaks loose, holler and we’ll help you figure out a solution!

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