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Your Skin At Different Ages

Cheeky followers are all over the board when it comes to ages! We see men and women in their late 20’s and thirties, and then we have folks in their 50’s, 60’s and beyond! Each and every blog post is designed to help all skin types at any stage in life. However, there are crucial times in your life where you will begin to see ‘dramatic’ changes to your skin. Let’s review some of those pinnacle years and what things you need to be thinking about! Because let’s be honest… 20 year old skin is far different than 50 year old skin.. and I’m not just talking fine lines and wrinkles.. you’ve got different textures, dryness levels and beyond.

Be sure to read each age as there are some tips and products you may not be using that will help your skin regardless of how young you are!

Late 20’s

Acne is back! “The late 20s is when women start to see hormonal acne—deep, cystic bumps in the chin and jawline area,” says Lauren Ploch, MD, an Augusta, Georgia-based board-certified dermatologist and Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. I’ve totally seen this occur. I attributed it to me going off birth control that helped with acne, but what do ya know!? It could actually be my age!

Retinoids are your new best friend! This will help exfoliate your skin and revive it! And please just get a prescription strength one or ask your doc about SkinMedica. You may also want to consider an acne treatment from your dermatologist.

Wrinkles are popping up!  The wrinkles around your eyes and mouth become more pronounced. If you’re totally over it, consider Botox to help prevent and use it as a long-term treatment. I started when I was 19, so I’m a little early to the ‘norm’ if that’s such a thing, but Botox may give your skin back some life that it’s missing.

Age 35

You’re gonna start seeing volume loss, especially in the lower part of your face. And those glorious wrinkles from your late 20’s are going to start to get deeper.

If you’re not on the Botox train and you’re not having it with your wrinkles, now is the time to start. Please know whenever I reference Botox, it’s only directed towards those who are looking for more medical grade solution… wrinkles are not bad! You may also want to consider Fillers. Keep using your retinoids & give your skin plenty of moisture.

Dark spots will become more noticeable! For sun spots, topical products containing vitamin C or retinoids are often the best solutions for this. I recently just asked the doc about a steroid treatment for my dark spots because I’m already using vitamin C and retinoids and he just prescribed me with Tridesilon – ask your skincare provider.

Your complexion begins to dull! When we’re kids, our cells turn over every 28 days. By our mid to late 30s, they’re turning over every 45 days. Consider using glycolic acid based products to help with cell renewal. Keep using your retinoids as this helps with skin renewal too. I recommend AHA’s and glycolic acids for late 20’s and older, so it’s never a bad idea to start early. I use Glytone twice a week to help with this! Totally love it!

Age 46

Dryness is a big one in this stage! And women have perimenopause to thank. Men too will experience an increase in dryness. Invest in an overnight cream and stay diligent when it comes to your daily moisturizing. I can typically tell a person’s age due to the dryness of their skin… it seems very apparent to me.

Facial volume loss really becomes noticeable. Fat loss, decrease in collagen production and gravity all aid in this lovely aging process. Fillers can be your new best friend during these years. You may also consider plumping products like retinoids to help combat this. Microneedling can also help with this. Don’t forget to up your calcium intake during this time to help with bone loss. Please talk to your doctor about starting any kind of new vitamin regiment.

Mid 50’s 

Your neck, especially in women will become the most noticeable change at this time.  Injectables such as Kybella can help combat this. Or you can consider neck firming creams as a daily regime. Don’t forget about Clarisonic’s Smart Profile Uplift to help the sagging neck area. Don’t forget to be applying your retinoids on your neck area as well – heck apply everything that you apply to your face to your neck area – you’ll be glad you did!

Wrinkles turn to folds! In this situation, talk to your doc! There are SO MANY options when it comes to combating wrinkles at this stage and beyond. You may even want to consider the Silhouette Instalift which is basically a facelift that you can get during your lunch hour!

Early 60’s and beyond

It’s not to say that your skin won’t change in your 70’s for example, but when you’re in your early 60’s, you will begin to see more noticeable changes, such as a deepening of wrinkles and an increase in dryness.  You wanna keep doing what you’re doing & add some stronger products & procedures when you can!

  • Moisturize big time – consider humectants for added moisture
  • Use a great night cream & moisturize daily
  • Keep using those retinoids
  • Antioxidant serums are an excellent addition
  • Vitamins C and E are your go-to’s
  • Face lifts are a common procedure at this age (and they can be common in your mid-forties, I have a friend who had one at that time and is almost 60 and preparing for her next one – maintenance is key!)
  • Keep getting your microneedling procedures & collagen boosting procedures done once a quarter
  • Use your glycolic acids

Have a question about your skin in its current stage? Just comment in the comments section below!

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