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Skincare Fasting! It’s Exactly What You Think It Is! (Or Is It?!)

So anything with fasting generally makes me anxious because I LOVE good food & I associate fasting and food. And then throw in fasting with skincare, because, duh, we love good skincare, our head is practically spinning at the idea. So before we begin with our banter, hopefully witty puns and some skincare knowledge thrown in, caring is sharing, right? I wanted to say, take this topic with a grain of salt and you do you! Like with any skincare ‘fad’ (though we’ve got some science on this one), there are pros and cons, naysayers and those who are all on board. So whether it’s the next foaming bubbles mask or some other wild trend, do your research and rely on us to get ya through 😉

This whole fasting thing isn’t really that bad at all & we’ve inadvertently done it! We think it’ll get your gears in motion & give ya something to think about. 

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let’s chat.

So skincare fasting is exactly what you would think it is. It’s basically avoiding all skincare products to put your skin through just a good, general detox. It was first introduced by the Japan-based skincare company Mirai Clinical. They are most known for their of unique beauty secrets from Japan and by now, we know that Japanese skincare is the bees-knees. The methodology draws inspiration from Hippocrates’s belief that traditional fasting can be used as a healing mechanism.

This notion of skincare fasting is said to be a direct correlation to the skincare industry and it’s MEGA growth. According to Zion Market Research, the global skincare market was valued at $138 billion in 2017. And with their methodology, they’re basically telling us this is a way to avoid any of the bloated consumerism that we experience day in and day out in the skincare realm. And crap, in anything… we’re inundated with ads & marketing all the dang time.

The Science

What they’re saying when it comes to why you should fast…

Your skin is essentially covered with sometimes unbreathable products, especially makeup and they’re encouraging you to discontinue the use of that to really allow your skin to breathe. The technical term for this comedogenic, and it’s basically when a product doesn’t allow your skin to air itself out.

Skin naturally produces an oily substance called sebum which has some good old fatty acids to keep moisture in. According to some studies performed by the Kolmar Research Center, skincare products should be structured in a similar molecular pattern to sebum in order to allow skin’s natural gas exchange to occur. So with this ideaology, you’re basically cutting out the products to neutralize your skin & get you back to your normal molecular pattern.

Mirai Clinical also states that they’ve been testing skin fasting for quite some time & by doing this, you’ll improve your skin’s condition & essential detoxify any impurities that you’ve got going on.

The Fast

  • 1 week or up to 3 weeks of fasting (I’ve seen it done a variety of ways)
  • The rules:

Avoid as many skincare products as you can. There are several fasting variations that we researched. Some used absolutely nothing on their skin. Some used gentle face wash, basic moisturizer & sunscreen. Some just used a gentle face wash & sunscreen. I would go with the gentle face wash & sunscreen route to really get a good reset. And I honestly would recommend sunscreen regardless. But again do you!

  • Don’t forget: Wash your face with lukewarm water every morning & night regardless of how strict you are with your routine.

Essentially, those who followed this fast learned one major thing. By discontinuing the use of their skincare products, they were able to see the underlying issues that their skin experiences/ed. In theory, if you’re constantly addressing issues by way of products, you’re never giving your body & brain the time to see why it’s doing what it is doing. And not only that, but major discoveries can be gained…you could reveal a hormone imbalance or you find that you really didn’t have those particular issues anymore that you’ve been addressing day after day. Like what if you thought you had oily skin and come to find out, your skin in it’s natural glory didn’t produce much oil at all! Then you go back to the drawing board & re-evaluate the products that you’re using. Find out what is making your skin produce that greasy look!

When we say we’ve inadvertently done this, there have been at least 4 days here recently that I went on a total anti-skincare streak when I was ‘deathly’ ill with whatever horrible cold/disease I had. While it wasn’t 7 days, 4 days (it may have been 5, I was pretty laid out) was plenty for me. Besides the fact that I was sick and looked like death in general, I cannot tell you how dry my face was. Which could be a product of my body acting an ass being sick & all, but I really do think it was because I didn’t have my moisturizers & oils keeping me afloat. I did enjoy the fact that my skin felt so breathable, but I think we have our skincare routine so dialed in that it just wasn’t a necessary step for me. At least at this given moment. Skincare fasting is certainly not off the table in my future, but I think my skin would shrivel up and die if I went for 7 days without skincare products in this arid desert. But hey, would be a great experiment.

Our favorite tips

  • Increase water consumption to help flush out those toxins
  • Consider getting more hearty, leafy greens
  • Digestive enzymes may help your body absorb your food’s nutrients more, thus prettier skin
  • Get your blood circulating & do something physical, regularly if you can.

#CheekyConfidential If you are on specific medication, whether oral or topical for a skin ailment, it would be best to consult your provider prior to starting this. I wouldn’t want you to go back to where you started & then you’re really dealing with messy skin.

The Aftermath

Regardless of the restart time period, introduce one new product at a time. Use it for 3 days before adding another product into the mix. 3 days is a good enough time to see if your skin reacts to it. After a while, folks said that they discontinued use of several of their products & found they had smoother more radiant skin after.

If you end up trying it out, please let Cheeky know about your experience We’d love to include it in a followup. Until then, I’m looking forward to lathering on all the oils tonight 😉

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