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Smoothies For Better Skin

It’s happening…. I am just a wreck about it… I always said I wouldn’t try the smoothie train and here I am…my god… What Cheeky will do for our skin health 😉 But seriously, while we’re surprised at ourselves for testing out this route, we’re actually super excited to see if these good old smoothies actually help give us glowing skin! We ain’t too mad about it when we think of it that way! Bahaha! Well, to be honest… I’ve really gotten tired of eating and cooking these days, so I thought that I should attempt to ‘drink’ my lunch and see where that gets me. Get healthier, possibly see better skin and maybe my pants won’t be tight!

Okay, so there is one thing we’ve gotta remember if y’all are getting on this smoothie train with us. The more vegetables the merrier is key! At least that’s what I’m seeing as a general rule for first timers. While fruits tend to be better tasting (I think that’s an old wives tale nowadays), veggies are gonna be better for us in the long run. 

So just recently, I was thinking…We’re doing at-home facials, we’re doing spa treatments, we’re seeing our dermatologist regularly, we’re getting lasers, etc. We’re doing a crap ton of stuff when it comes to our skin. But in all our efforts, we tend to see a commonality…. A lot of times we’re seeing that these products are containing fairly common ingredients that we have access to, that can be found in our kitchen (or in the grocery) & we can actually ingest them. Plus, I think 99% of skincare professionals would say what we put in our bodies will show through our skin (hair, eyes, nails, etc)! We’d of course agree, but it’s so tough to stay in line! 😉 I love crab legs, pizza, butter, bread… I feel like I could kick the ass of the guy who said ‘you are what you eat’… He was right!

Smoothies tend to come down to one major thing, at least in my research, they can be full of really amazing antioxidants that help not only our skin, but our bodies perform better. When you take the plunge with healthy smoothies, you’re seeing a ton of benefits for our skin:

  • Enhanced nutrient absorption
  • Improved digestion
  • Boosts our immune system
  • Enhances our skin’s glow
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Actually helps to reduce unhealthy food cravings
  • Leafy greens contain chlorophyll which actually replenishes & rebuilds blood cells (those guys that carry oxygen)
  • Less sugar consumption
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Boosts your immunity
  • Promotes a better night’s sleep
  • Helps detoxify the bod
  • Fights free radicals – pollution, smoke, etc.

^ All of which relates to our skin!!!!

So now that we are armed with tons of knowledge on what smoothies do for our skin, it’s time to find those recipes & research what ingredients do what! Perfect, any excuse for online shopping. Am I right!?

We landed on Simple Green Smoothies by Jenn Hansard & Jadah Sellner. This book is FILLED with not only a ton of really healthy green recipes, but it also gives you guidance on how to make it a lifestyle! And that’s where I tend to go wrong in life. So that was very important to me. But honestly the best part is that they have a WHOLE chapter, chapter 7, on ‘natural beauty smoothies’. They’ve got a ‘Spa Cleanser’, a ‘Glowing Green Healer’, ‘Fountain of Youth’… just so many recipes to get us inspired.

Here they are in action! Too cute!

If you’re joining us on this journey, let’s start out easy and see if we can start incorporating some of these ingredients into our smoothie and then take a gander at how our skin did. I think we’re all gonna be pleasantly surprised.

Ingredients For Glowing Skin, according to the smoothie gals:

  • Coconut water & watermelon are great for natural electrolytes & have high water content
  • Kale is a great source of beta-carotene, vitamin A & fiber
  • Mint helps ease digestion and flushes out toxins
  • Kiwi is loaded with vitamin C & antioxidants

#CheekyConfidential Kiwi skin is actually edible. Just scrub the skin & you’re done! You’ll get more fiber this way.

  • Spinach is full of iron, beta-carotene, folate & vitamin C which gets our skin & follicles circulating
  • Pineapple has tons of vitamin C & actually plays a big role in the formation of collagen & overall skin health
  • Turmeric is known to reduce redness & inflammation
  • Cantaloupe is helpful with acne & wrinkles
  • Carrots help to regenerate collagen
  • Oranges & papaya are filled with vitamin C
  • Avocado is rich in monounsaturated fats, powerful antioxidants & vitamin E which help regenerate skin cells

Though I just received my cookbook yesterday and I’ve been drinking meal replacement shakes from 310 with my own concoction of goodies (chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut oil, etc.), I have noticed a great increase in energy, I look less tired, my skin is dewy-ish… I’m honestly REALLY glad to have started this journey! If you’ll join me, please let us know in the comment’s section below.

I would highly recommend the Ninja Blender seen here. It’s been really awesome and it’s super powerful so it’s blending everything really well. Plus it’s not crazy expensive.

Here is proof I’m doing this 😉 I actually more so put this up for myself so I could see that it was indeed REAL that we’re on this smoothie train. The smoothie shown below is just almond milk, chia seeds, coconut oil, coconut flakes & 310 vanilla protein… Nothing special and not directed towards skincare so much…

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