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Sparkling Water Can Help Skin Sparkle?

Hmm…. This should be interesting! (Hint, it does!)

Just the other day, we were chatting about the idea of morning face washing as optional. Seemingly, it’s becoming a thing of the past and you’d actually see improvement to your skin if you skipped it all together in the mornings (unless you have really bad acne or super oily skin). And in that same blog, we referenced tap water as being a real b*tch and too much tap water can actually cause havoc to our skin.

Tap water contains very drying minerals like calcium, magnesium & even chlorine… so if you’re washing your face with tap water every morning, chances are your getting rid of your skin’s natural moisture & oil levels.

Option 1: This is another great opportunity to use a facial spray and call it a day. Spray your face gently, dab off excessive moisture off your face and off you go. Folks reported that they’ve seen their best skin yet when doing this instead of washing their face.

This got me thinking… if tap water isn’t the best, is there another type of water that can do a better job? Aha! I personally am obsessed with sparkling water… Any sparkling water brand, flavor, etc. is my damn jam. In fact, that may be the only ‘water’ that I drink. It’s just so good to me. I feel like that’s really French! Chic! But anyways, I began wondering if sparkling water can actually be used as a cleansing agent & if it helps your skin. I mean.. certain skincare products anymore are ‘carbonated’ in various ways… Think Bubble Mask

Google & a Dermatologist to the rescue.

Apparently, according to SodaStream (which I REALLY want one, does anyone have one??), this trend started originally in Japan and then made it’s way over to South Korea, eventually making its way to the US. In fact, that’s the #1 reason folks in Japan actually buy the SodaStream. Isn’t that so fascinating?! 

If you do use a SodaStream, remember that you must use filtered water (bottled water) and not your tap water because it’ll essentially still be full of bad minerals & gunk.

According to various sources, dermatologists & even Kate Somerville agrees, if you perform a sparkling water face dunk once or twice a week in place of your morning face washing ritual or even on the side as a ‘spa treatment’, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your skin!

What can sparkling water do for your skin

  • Increases blood flow
  • Reduces the appearances of scars
  • Helps the health of the skin
  • Deeper cleanse – the carbonation actually helps lift the pollutants off your skin
  • Your skin looks better because of vasodilation
  • Won’t harm your skin’s barrier
  • Temporarily tightens skin
  • Decreases the look and appearance of blackheads
  • Tone down puffiness
  • Smoother looking skin

Folks who suffer from rosacea should not use sparkling water to cleanse their skin.

How to use


Choose a carbonated water with absolutely no artificial scents or coloring. You want pure carbonated mineral water. Or use your handy dandy SodaStream with a mineral water (not tap water)


Fill a large bowl – 1 part sparkling water & 1 part mineral water

(this will dilute some of the fizziness so that it’s not too harsh on the skin)


Dunk your face (thoroughly cleansed) in the bowl and hold for 10-15 seconds (or you can use it to cleanse your skin by using a cotton pad or ball)

Easy as that! We would suggest trying this doing this ‘cleanse’ no more than twice a week to avoid irritation!

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