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Sun Shades For Your Car!

Holy hell is it sunny in Arizona! The sunniest place in America (check out your state on there!) and I TOTALLY believe that. I’m sitting outside (under a shaded, solid awning out of the sun with a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses on, total psychopath) and there is not one single cloud in the sky. And that’s totally normal here. When I was at the derm the other day, I was just there today… I swear, I’m there all the damn time, but I LOVE it… not sure if they love my presence as much as I love them but who cares 😉 So anyways.. when I saw the derm a couple weeks ago, he told me that the left side of my face had more sun damage due to driving in the car and the damaging rays. TOTAL BUZZKILL! Like omfg… I wear sunscreen, I own & wear more hats than one human can imagine (ah I just ordered a new one today from Coolibar), I’m rarely in the car, well maybe an hour a day, yet my skin is apparently damaged more so on the left than the right. I was so disappointed! And I’m sure we all know the story of the truck driver who has severe aging to the left side of his face from driving in a big rig all his life, well 28 years to be exact!

image compliments of CBSNews.com

It’s totally a REAL thing! So after I sobered up… going into the docs like ‘oh I totally got this, I have a skincare blog for criminy sakes’, I decided it was time to really protect myself from the beautiful yet harmful rays! And yes, Amazon totally saved the day! Are you guys as obsessed with Amazon as I am? The poor UPS guy in our neighborhood, always bringing us crap, who is super sweet btw.. had a nice chat with him when I was wearing a face mask the other day, coming back from the mailbox…. and surprisingly he didn’t judge my appearance… he said ‘I get it’! So I sat my ass down on the computer and searched high and low for a sun shade that was safe to drive with but blocked most of the dangerous UV rays from getting into the car!

#DYK Did you know that the sun, UV rays attributes to 80% of our aging process?

So here’s what I bought and there are certainly some other awesome sun shades on the market that can help you protect that beautiful face of yours.

Kinderfluff #CheekysChoice $11 Mildly love the name! Blocks 98% of harmful rays!

image compliments of KinderFluff

Enovoe Sun Shade $11 Blocks over 97% of harmful rays!

image compliments of Enovoe

I’ve searched high and low & those are my favorites! Proven to block the sun at an affordable price! Let us know what you do you in your car to protect you and your fam from the sun in the comments section below,

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