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Test Your Skin Type

From face wash to lotion, each product targets a certain type of skin – whether it be dry, oily or in-between, not all products work best for your skin type.  Do you already know your skin type?  You may or you may notice it’s changing with age (because it does that, you sure as hell aren’t going to have the same skin as when you were a teenager). Knowing your skin type is crucial because it allows you to tailor products to your exact skin type, which means better & faster results which is what we’re all looking for right? To find out what your skin type is, let’s take this simple test: THE TISSUE TEST (coined it, well maybe not but thought it was clever)

  1. Wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser, rinse and pat dry
  2. Wait 60-minutes
  3. Here’s where it gets good… blot your face with a tissue.  Look at your skin and then the tissue.

Dry skin: If your skin is dry, then 60-minutes after washing, it may look a bit flaky and even tight.  No oil will reside on the tissue.

Sensitive skin: If you have sensitive skin, you may notice redness, itching or even a rash after cleansing.

Normal skin: If you have normal skin, then your skin will feel slightly tight but comfortable without flaking & without oil on the tissue.

Oily skin: If you have oily skin, there will be oil on the tissue from most if not all the areas of your face.

Combination skin: If you have combination skin, you could have a combination of oil in areas like the T-zone, flaky skin areas around the cheeks and normal skin in the areas like the chin.  You will find some oil on the tissue dependent on where you blot.

Read our ‘Why Skincare, Why Me‘ blog to learn about a basic skin care regime for your skin type. Let us know what skin type you are so we can post even more information about it in the future.

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