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The Best Ways to Combat Puffy Eyes

I dunno about you, but I certainly deal with fluid retention in my face. Whether I wake up puffy in the face, or I notice my eyes stay puffy all day long, it’s something that I tend to notice time and time again. Though the jade roller has been my saving grace pretty darn routinely, it’s not something that I’ve gone headlong into. It’s been one of those things that I think ‘Gah, I can’t add more to my ever growing skincare list’. Ya know what I mean?

Well last night, I’m tidying up around the house, sweating to the damn oldies and it hits me how FLIPPING hot I am. Yes, yes, I know I’m a pain in the ass and always talk about it, but for the love…. I wasn’t doing anything strenuous, I wasn’t outside…. I just was HOT! Some of my Cheeky’s probably get this way, right!? Well, I proceeded to wedge myself into the freezer, yes physically – luckily Josh showed very little judgement… and after I did that for 5-7 minutes, I decided that I would sleep with an ice pack on my forehead. Genius!

In I went to read, turned the fan on me full tilt, hopped into bed (did not drape myself with covers or I could have passed out) and slapped the ice pack on my forehead. Then when I started to go cross eyed whilst reading, I decided I would take the ice pack and set it over my eyes. Night, night I went.

I woke up this morning, cooled off thankfully, but I realized I didn’t look so puffy! Fricking winning! Then it got me thinking… being hot can certainly show up as swelling on your body, especially extremities, but hell, maybe this has been my problem all along? I’m just a warm person and always have been, so maybe I’m on to something. Real hottie! And even if I’m not onto something, we can still be excited about getting rid of puffy eyes, regardless of the reason! 😉

But anyways, it brings me to the year 1997 when I had a blue ice pack draped over my eyes when I owned my ‘business’, All About You, which was a skincare business (I kid you not, I was 10 and it was my thing!) that only my parents were customers of (maybe my brosif was too, I forget), but I was rocking it. But doesn’t this darn story remind you of those old school blue gel ice thingy’s that you would Velcro to your head and you could still see out of? If it doesn’t, then All About You was out of touch with reality, but I think we can all ‘member!

I decided today, that Cheeky needs to be bringing these back, at least in our minds, and then also see what we’ve got on the market today as far as ‘cooling eye packs’ go. Am I right!? Let’s get grooving on some of our favorite eye cooling finds.

KimKoo Gel Eye Mask

Reusable Gel Pack by IceWraps

LifeWheel Plush Hot/Cold Therapy Facial Mask & Eye Mask (two in one)

Don’t wear this at night and creep around…. could be rather frightening! 

Eye Mask with Gel Beads, Plus Eye Pads


How to Use Tips – 

  • Test out these products by putting them in the fridge first and see how your skin reacts… I so think it can be a little less ‘freezer burn-y’ if you start out with the fridge – you may like it best
  • Do not leave in the fridge or freeze permanently
  • If you do freeze the mask, just do it for about 30 minutes (up to a couple hours)
  • I think I would clean them off after every use so you don’t let dirt and oil keep sitting on your face

Other ways to combat puffiness – 

  • Drinking cucumber juice
  • Decreasing your salt intake
  • Eating bananas (which I find repulsive, but if it’s yo thang, do it!) – potassium-rich foods
  • Sleep on an inclined pillow (they say that, but I have this type of geriatric pillow and it really hasn’t helped… so the jury is still out… and I say geriatric because I just can’t get much worse when I sleep: mouth guard, snore nose strip, new sleeping meds… the list goes on, so last thing I need to add is my damn incline pillow, but it’s helping the acid reflux.)
  • Take your allergy meds in the morning
  • Avoid rubbing your beautiful eyes (this I have FINALLY learned)
  • Sleep more!
  • Try allergy eye drops
  • Calm your stress level
  • Don’t cry!!!!!
  • Drink plenty of fluids

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