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The Mini Fridge: For Better Skin

So as of late, I’ve referenced using the fridge for many of our skincare items or tools! But nothing like storing your eye cream next to your favorite steak sauce, am I right? 😉 So if your into convenience, chicness and just overall over-the-top glam, then a mini fridge could be your answer to glowing skin, well glowing at least temporarily. Plus, they’re really affordable & look oh so cute.

So you’re thinking to yourself, what’s with putting your skincare products in the fridge in the first place!? There’s actually a real benefit to having your products provide a cooling effect to your skin. And not only that, but fridges are also dark places too which can actually keep your products lasting longer. So, let’s start with what products you could or should be storing in your fridge & why they benefit your skin! 

Eye creams – By placing your eye cream in the fridge, you can actually decrease puffiness and constrict blood vessels when you apply it to your under eye area.

Face masks – This is one I often do because I have a generally puffy face throughout the day. A nice cold face mask to the skin is like the most refreshing thing I could think to do! Plus, when it’s hotter than hell and I have icepacks in my t-shirt in Tucson, the next best thing is a frigid cold face mask.

Vitamin C – If any of your products contain vitamin C, you really should be refrigerating them. Vitamin C has a really short shelf life, so if you can keep them cold and in a dark place, you’ll be a happy camper.

Toners – If you’re on the Korean 10-step skincare routine, then chances are you’re using toner. Or maybe you just love the moisture that toners give. Adding toner to your fridge is a great way to feel refreshed and your skin till get an instant taught-ness that it so craves.

Organic products – Specifically LUSH products come to mind because they actually have a fridge in their storefront areas that contains their all-natural face masks. Anything that’s REALLY, really fresh, just store it right into the fridge.

Moisturizers – I typically see La Mer products/moisturizer stored in the fridge. This is great if you’re wanting a really fresh face and a great way to calm down your morning puffiness. It does a great job

Prescription products – Some prescription products like acne medication, recommend that you store them in cooler temperatures to keep it fresh. Especially if you’re given a year’s worth of medication like I was. My new health insurance seems to be overachieving.

Retinoids – There is actually a big benefit for keeping retinoids in your fridge. Not just that it will feel good on your face. Just like air and light, heat alters the actual chemical structure and composition of retinol, essentially making it less active.

Jade roller – If I haven’t already convinced you to get a jade roller, then you’re probably tired of hearing of it… but there is nothing like a cooled jade roller. They are cool in temperature in general, but if you wake up looking like hell, a jade roller straight from the fridge is the key! I did this, this past week due to my sinus infection and looking like… I can’t even explain how I’ve looked all week. It really helped!

What else can ya store in this new mini fridge – 

  • Cucumbers – for your eyes
  • Manuka honey – as a clarifying face mask
  • Egg whites – to use in a face mask
  • Your cooling eye mask – ya know, the one with beads
  • Aloe vera – for if you get a little overzealous with the sun
  • Body lotion – for extra hot days (gah, I dread it)
  • Vicks vapor rub – for when you’re sick
  • Face sprays – a cooling face spray feels magical
  • Cold, wet-ish towel – for days when you’re doing a hard core workout & need to get your skin back to normal
  • Prosecco – was just seeing if you were paying attention 😉 But seriously… those mini bottles, it’s my thang

What not to put in the fridge…..Oil-based products, like coconut oil because it will harden pretty quickly

Like, I seriously am even convincing myself that a mini fridge would be perfect for me 😉 This what happens to me when I work on Cheeky! I end up buying half the crap (it’s not really crap lol) I write about the same day and then save the other stuff for when I’ve got more money in the bank 😉 Oh well, ‘do what you love and never work a day in your life’ right!? All while online shopping… I’ll take it! And same goes for my full time job, I feel the same way! Lucky to have both gigs.

But anyways…. so let’s say you’re convinced like me, we sought out a few mini fridges that look fun, interesting and of course PERFECT for what we need them for.

Cooluli Mini Fridge $45, fan favorite

Don’t worry fellas, there’s a nice blue one there too! It’s also an electric warmer in case that would be good for you on a trip or picnic adventure – hey, ya never know!

Housmile Electric Cooler Mini Refrigerator $73

Pretty neat too! Made specifically for cosmetics!

Images compliments of their respective brands

I did a ton of research today and those two were really my favorite. I read about a lot of cheap ones that smoked or caught fire and I obviously don’t recommend those! So please do your research if you’re on the hunt for bigger ones than these.

And just for the hell of it, PLEASSEEEE look at Vanity Fair Frances’ writer Christopher Niquet’s mini fridge – I mean….Gah!

Photograph compliments of Tom Newton, via Into the Gloss 

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