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8 Tips to Help You Look Younger While You Sleep & When You Wake

I like to think of skincare as an art! Skin is appreciated for its beauty… for its emotional power & we’re using human skill to manipulate its true form & make it better. Having a mom who is a Docent at the Cincinnati Art Museum (for the last 10 years!!!!!!! Congratulations, mom!) makes you realize that most things are art and a form of expression. For example, I really love makeup, though I have always thought there are enough makeup experts in the world, they don’t need another one… but anyways, makeup is a true form of art. You’re changing the way a person looks by contours, lines, colors… etc. It’s really quite beautiful. And same goes for skincare. Whether it’s a shot of filler, shot of Botox, a slathering of serum, a swipe of retinol, a blending of ingredients… see what I mean?

But with this analogy is where you can realize that maybe some of us are better at this art form than others. And that’s why we’ve created a community for ALL of us to learn from one another! But with art, comes trial and error & most importantly practice. So you can’t expect quick results or even a quick understanding of skincare until you put some REAL time into it. But because not all of us have that time, we thought we would highlight one skincare art that can easily turn out poorly! And that’s your nighttime routine!

(Was that tying together of the art analogy painful?! Lord… it took me a hot minute but I think y’all got it!!!! Or just say you did if you don’t!)

Your nighttime skincare routine is one of the most important aspects of your skincare process. When you sleep, your skin is in full on repair mode. It’s the ideal time to use your best and most advanced skincare products. But just because you’ve got a killer list of skincare products that are proven to make you look younger, you could be using them wrong or not even thinking about the external factors that effect your skin. It’s all about the tips, tricks & techniques! Just like art!

Let’s go through some of the top ways you could be sabotaging your skin while you sleep!

Tip #1: Don’t sleep on your side or stomach

I 100% notice the difference in my puffiness when I accidentally sleep on my stomach vs. when I lay flat on my back. I’ll wake up extremely puffy, darker circles under my eyes and just more of a hot mess than I usually am. I try very conscientiously when I sleep, to sleep on my back. Inevitably though, I end up on my damn side and I most CERTAINLY have the wrinkles on my chest from it. While it’s really hard to control how you move when you’re sleeping, consider a silk or satin pillowcase. Or in my situation, I have a new geriatric elevated pillow for my acid reflux…. I am literally the most unattractive person when I sleep (elevated pillow, night guard, pulled back bangs, more oil on my face than humanly possible….  you get it). Not sure why poobear married me… maybe my humor 😉 Yeah, that’s gotta be it!!!!!! Anyways, this new pillow actually makes it almost physically impossible to sleep on my side or stomach… it would actually hurt if I tried.

Tip #2: Wash your face & use a gentle cleanser

So this is an extreme and not all you Cheeky’s wear makeup… but a woman did not wash her face for 30 days (morning nor night) and here is what happened – Her skin turned into a ‘disaster’ compared to what she had…. Face washing in general is INSANELY important, but especially at night. Whether it’s dirt or makeup… wash it!

A thorough and gentle cleanser is really key! You want your skin to go night-night moistened and ever so fresh. One of my favorite’s, Clean It Zero has updated their formula and it’s on point.

Tip #3: Keep Your Thermostat Cool

If you can, regardless of the conditions outside, it’s best to keep your temperature in your home cool. A good rule of thumb is to find a temperature where you’re just a little bit cool without a blanket.

Tip #4: Use a Humidifier

Humidifiers are a great way to keep your skin moist!

Humidifier Benefits 

  • Softer, more hydrated skin
  • Helps with common dry skin conditions like Eczema
  • Helps relieve asthma symptoms
  • Helps shorten your cold and flu symptoms
  • Keeps indoor plants healthy
  • Lessens snoring (tell no one, but I need help with this….)
  • No more dry throat symptoms when waking up
  • Reduces the risk of infections – viruses and bacteria can’t travel as well in moist air
  • Lessens eczema and atopic dermatitis flare-ups
  • Lessens roascea issues

Tip #5: Let Your Skin Dry Before Applying Retinol (if you’re new)

If you’re new to the retinoid business, make sure your skin is completely dry before applying your retinoids. If you are a seasoned user, retinol penetrates deeper into damp skin so consider mixing things up and applying it shortly after you wash and pat your face. However, regardless how many years you’ve been using it, you’ll more than likely experience some irritation.

#CheekyConfidential Apply your hyaluronic acids to your skin when it’s dewy!

Tip #6: Pat Your Skincare

We highly encourage you to pat your skincare into your skin. The benefits are amazing & we can attest to it as we’ve been patting for several months now.

  • Patting inhibits you from tugging at the skin as you would with traditional rubbing
  • Patting stimulates collagen
  • Patting helps to stimulate blood flow
  • Patting stops you from messing with your lymphatic system – if you spread on your cream for instance, you can accidentally push against the flow of your lymphatic system, which will make your beautiful face look puffy, especially around the eye area.

Tip #7: Apply Your Same Products to Your Hands/Neck

Often times folks forget to extend their products to their neck and their décolletage area. While that is very important to remember, we also want you Cheeky’s to remember to use those same products on your hands too.

#CheekyConfidential When you wake up, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your hands. Think how often you’re driving and have your hands exposed to the sun.

Tip #8: Leave Time In Between Product Application

So this is a personal opinion of mine and many professionals have mixed feedback on this, but I find it very important for my skin to leave 3-5 minutes in between my skincare applications. It sounds really annoying to do, but I typically brush my teeth between my hydroquinone cream and my lactic acid treatment and the time goes by quickly. Or I’ll turn down the bed, or prep the Keurig for the next day… You’d be surprised how easy it is to do.

Images compliments of Huffington Post & Clean It Zero

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