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Top Signs You’re Over Washing Your Gorgeous Face

Facial cleansing is often times the most important steps in anyones skincare routine! Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or that in-between skin you can be in fact washing your face too much! Say what!? Yes, it’s true. While the act of washing your face seems to be essential to maintain your radiant complexion, it can often do more harm than good.

We’re here to tell y’all if you’re over washing based on a couple tall tale signs. Your skin is arguably one of the best communicators when it comes to your health. If you’re noticing any of the following signs on your beautiful face, you could actually be washing your face too much.

Your Skin Feels Taut

So this is a big concern of mine. It’s often misinterpreted that taught, tight skin is the epitome of a clean face. However, this squeaky clean look that seems good at the time is actually not so desirable. This can be especially experienced if you use a foaming face wash or you suffer from dry skin day in and day out. If every time you’re washing your face, you’re getting this ‘taught’ skin feeling, you may want to reconsider the cleanser that you’re using. The best cleansers should be specially selected for your skin type and will leave your skin feeling refreshed—rather than raw—but still clean.

Something that can help this is to consider double cleansing. The best double cleanse will actually hydrate and balance your skin, remove any dirt, excess oil, and makeup, while still leaving your skin feeling clean & best of all, not oily. We would recommend double cleansing in the evening routine, especially if you’re exposed to the elements or you like to wear makeup.

Rashes Be Showing Up

So some of you may be thinking, ‘Hell, taught is a great thing right’!? But over cleansing is actually stripping your skin of its natural moisture. However, if your skin barrier is compromised, it means that products that ordinarily sit on top of the skin, can now permeate the skin. That may not sound all that bad. But let’s say you apply your sunscreen, it’s actually meant to sit on top of your skin, but then all the sudden it’s seeping into the deepest layers of your epidermis and it’s like, ‘Help get me out of here’! That’s when you’ll probably see the beginnings of a rash of some kind.

And not just that, a damaged skin barrier can also lead to other, worse symptoms, including eczema, the dreaded acne, and leaving your skin susceptible to other environmental irritants like UV rays and pollution.

So let’s say this is you and you’re like, ‘Ahhhh how do I get the moisture back into my life’!? Try products that are packed with ceramides, and consider using hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to help restore good old lipid reproduction in the skin.

Acne Is Popping Up In Your Life

Over-cleansing strips your skin of its natural oils, causing  oil production to go into overdrive, thus you’re starting to see acne creeping all over the place. Not good! Oftentimes one of the most overlooked acne prevention techniques are actually hydration & moisturizing. If you’re noticing random breakouts, you may want to take a gander at your cleansing routine. Are you washing too much? Is your cleanser a little too de-hydrating? Do an audit and see what’s going on with your skin.

Does this sound like you? Or hell, maybe you’re just trying to figure out what you need to be doing for the best skin possible. We’re right there with ya! The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that you limit your face washing to twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening, and after going crazy with a good workout. Sweat can often irritate the skin, so it’s crucial to wash your skin after it’s cooled down but sooner rather than later to avoid irritated skin. We recommend waiting about 10-15 minutes after your workout before you wash your face. And oftentimes, we even suggest that you use a cleansing wipe rather than use water as water can dry your skin out unnecessarily.

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