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Top Skincare Treatments Men Asked for in 2017

Being a gal who compares analytics a lot of the day at the good old 9-5 job, finding samplings of data for a given year makes my heart happy! It especially gets me stoked when it’s about skincare. While we love reading data about tires & centrifugal fans, skincare is where our heart thrives! We were reading GQ the other day and saw several board certified dermatologists came up with a list of what male patients needed help with in regards to their skin in 2017. Check out what patients inquired about in 2017 and let us know if this is something you’re interested in.

Clear Up Acne

Dr. Brauer strongly suggests that his patients use retinoids to combat acne. We say that time and time again too. It’s a great exfoliant for your face and helps get rid of the dead skin and tissues that are clogging your pores. In addition, besides going the prescription route for acne, which I am personally fond of, you can always consider Differin Gel which is the first over the counter OTC containing a full prescription-strength retinoid to get your skin looking oh so fresh. We currently have a Cheeky using it who feels confident it is helping her battle her skincare woes. Actually, I think we’ve got 2 Cheeky’s using it.

Lighten Up Dark Circles

Dark circles are never on anyone’s ‘love’ list! There are tons of factors that can lead to dark circles such as tiredness, lack of sleep, stress, allergies & of course heredity – ya know, what yo momma gave ya! While there are some basic things you can do, such as sleeping more, minimizing stress, etc. there are more advanced treatments to get you looking your best. One treatment he recommends is filler which helps with volume loss as we age. We’ve mentioned this in previous posts and have had the procedure done ourselves. We saw a vast improvement. We also suggest trying PRP injections. Those injections cleared up my dark circles just like that! You can also consider upping your vitamin game, ingesting more antioxidants and even consider adding peptides to your skincare routine.

Redness & Rosacea

I was a bit surprised seeing this on the list as I know women mainly get rosacea, however it is something men deal with too. Dr. Dendy Engelman stated that dull razor blades or poor shaving habits can aggravate sensitive skin which in fact trigger rosacea outbreaks. There are several prescription treatments to help with the redness, such as Rhofade. We wrote about Rhofade a while back and it’s a new drug that’s been given FDA approval. It works by targeting different receptors to help sooth consistent and irritating facial redness. Dr. Engelman also suggests that Soolantra can help, especially if you have rosacea & bumps.

Ingrown Hairs

While I am not a man, ingrown hairs are often the pain in my side! Or face! I totally get what you go through, maybe on a smaller scale, but it’s so flipping painful and annoying. Come to find out, through our research, most men do indeed shave daily which often causes lots of irritation and those good old ingrown hairs. The best and most successful way to get rid of ingrown hairs is through laser hair removal – which is exactly what I’m doing now… on my first treatment. Professionals recommend 6 treatments overall to get rid of 80% or more of the hair. It can cost a pretty penny – mine’s around $600…. I did find awesome deals on Groupon but just make sure they’re a reputable clinic. I am considering a Groupon-type organization for laser hair removal on my legs…. I feel like more could go wrong on my face, so I don’t want to gamble by going to someone I don’t know.. but the legs seem easy peasy.

Large Pores

As ya age, your pores can appear large & you begin to lose collagen. Microneedling is something Dr. Haleh Bakshandeh suggests for her patients. Our good girlfriend is doing microneedling to help combat her skin’s poor texture and large pores and has seen vast improvements. It can be expensive so just be aware. However, if you’re not quite ready to take the step to get microneedling, there are plenty of easy ways to help ‘shrink’ the look of your pores. Head on over to our Pores a Plenty blog to learn more.


Sunspots are our shit! We sound proud of it but we’re not! Dr. Bakshandeh recommends cryotherapy for her patient’s! We personally like to call it Frotox, but we have recommended it in the past as well. Liquid nitrogen is applied to the area, freezes the cells & you see the spot peel away in about 5 to 7 days. Plus it’s super cheap – $20 to $40 or $50.

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