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Top Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Skin’s Collagen

We did a segment the other week on ways that you are Sabotaging Your Oily Skin, we thought that this week we would focus on skin & collagen. Every living, human breathing creature on this earth has collagen so we can most certainly all relate to this exhilarating topic. And don’t worry, we’ll make it fun and of course explain the top ways you’re sabotaging your skin and the top ways you can bring the youth back into your beautiful face.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein present in ALL of the body’s organs and tissues. It provides the stability that sustains the body’s structure. Collagen’s main function is to sustain tendons, skin and cartilage. It provides firmness and elasticity to their structures.

Why is Collagen Important?

Collagen is an extremely important fibrous protein that is found in all connective tissue – it’s in our bones, our joints and is also a major component of our skin. In fact, collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body making up around 30% of all the body’s proteins!

To show what collagen does for our skin, we found this really great graph to show you how collagen reacts as we grow wiser. As you can see, as we get more beautiful with age, our collagen fibers produce less and less. Because of this, you will find that wrinkles & changes in your skin occur. 

Image provided by HealthGoesUp.com

Top Ways Collagen Can Boost Your Health

  • Improves skin & hair
  • Repairs joints
  • Helps leaky gut
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Strengthens teeth and nails
  • Helps detox (clean out the system)
  • Reduces cellulite & stretch marks

Top Ways Your Sabotaging Your Skin’s Collagen

Sabotage #1 – You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Plain and simple, drink mo’ water!

Our favorite water tips…

  • Drink a glass of water with half a lemon squeeze worth of juice right when you wake up!
  • Get creative when it comes to your water if water drinking is difficult for you – make hot tea, add a water flavoring, add oranges, lemons & limes to a jug.
  • Drink your water through a straw!
  • Make it bubbly! I LOVE bubbly water & drink WAYYYY more of it! In fact, I’ve had 2 liters already of sparkling water today because it’s just so delicious to me!
  • Pick out the BEST water bottle for you

Sabotage #2 – You Don’t Wash Your Face

Washing and proper exfoliation is one of the most important ‘treatments’ you can give your skin. It’s a way for you to clean out the gunk and keep your skin looking fresh, vibrant and dirt free. If you’re lazy with your face washing, you can definitely see some unwanted side effects:

  • You may look older
  • You’re prone to infection
  • Your skin can’t repair itself
  • It’s gonna hold on to free radicals
  • Acne will pop up
  • Your face won’t absorb your skincare products

What we recommend:

  • We HIGHLY recommend a cleansing brush like Clarisonic. They get rid of all the dirt and grime! Their products polish your skin and give it every opportunity to look its best.
  • If you’re wearing a good amount of makeup – consider cleansing TWICE! We really like the Clean It Zero product featured on SokoGlam. This will get all the makeup and gunk off before you cleanse your face.
  • Be gentle around your eyes… I am so bad about this because I have terrible allergies which makes my eyes dry and itchy. Do your best to handle your eye area with care.
  • Use lukewarm water & wash your face in a circular motion
  • Use a cleanser that doesn’t contain alcohol

Sabotage #3 – You Don’t Sleep Enough

Just recently, I took a sleep study to see if my sleep was effecting my daily life (I felt tired, stressed, overwhelmed, etc. for no apparent reason). Or lack of sleep rather. Come to find out, I was sleeping about 3 hours every night because most of the time I was awake (for the other 4-5 hours) dealing with restless limbs! I knew I was tired and I was starting to ‘look’ tired. Sleep plays an exorbitant role in how our skin looks & feels. I’m sure many of you can relate to this, whether you’re moms or dads, working folks, too much going on, all the above, whatever.. we are all probably lacking in sleep in some capacity. Well except my husband, he seems to sleep like an angel dove fairy! But anyways, get your sleep. If you suffer from a shitty night’s sleep night after night, do something about it. I should have done something 10 years ago, but hadn’t until recently and I would highly recommend it.

Sabotage #4 – You’re Throwing Too Many Back

Alcohol is extremely dehydrating! Like REALLY dehydrating and I can absolutely see the difference in a big drinker’s vs. not. Absolutely no judgement here – throw ’em back if that’s yo thing or don’t throw ’em back’ – the world is your oyster and we all have our vices, so just try to keep vices to a minimum. Everything in moderation, right!? If you love a good cocktail or two, go for the vodka or red wine, your skin will thank you! Hell, throw in white wine too!

Sabotage #5 – You Eat Like Crap

Again, everything in moderation! Stay away from the vending machines and late night takeout menus. Get your fruits and veggies and load up on the good stuff. You don’t have to be a crazy person and please indulge in pizza, french fries and all the other ‘goodies’ when you want them, just keep your portions under control. There are a ton of foods that contain collagen that will help our skin, here are just a few:

  • Fish
  • Red vegetables
  • Dark green vegetables
  • Berries
  • Soy
  • White tea
  • Citrus fruits
  • Prunes (we grew up in a prune-friendly household)

….the list goes on.

#CheekyConfidential You can even put cantaloupe on your skin as a topical solution – the Vitamin C will fight free radicals.

Sabotage #6 – You Use Dirty Cleansing Tools

Whether you’re using your body towel to wash your face, you haven’t washed your makeup brushes in god knows how long or your cleansing brush is in need of a replacement, all these things can decrease our collagen. Dirty bristles can spread dirt, oil, and bacteria around your skin, so keep your makeup brushes clean with antibacterial soap. When you wash your face, use a designated face wash towel or consider using paper towels (not so environmentally friendly, but it’s an option & don’t worry, I won’t ever get into the straw debate).

Sabotage #7 – You Soak Up the Sun (Too Much)

We all know that the sun accounts for a shit ton amount of our premature aging. Just stay out of it! Plain and simple. Wear a hat if you can’t avoid it and lather on sunscreen every damn day! That’s just how it goes. When it comes to sunscreen, there are some basic rules you can apply to keep things simple and your skin protected & fresh looking.

  • Rule #1 Wear it every single day!
  • Rule #2 Never go below 30 SPF
  • Rule #3 Broad-spectrum is amazing
  • Rule #4 Use SPF with zinc
  • Rule #5 Avoid sunscreen sprays
  • Rule #6 Apply a half a teaspoon

#CheekyConfidential If you’re like me and avoid the sun like it’s a plague, don’t forget you’re lacking in Vitamin D. Get with your health provider and see what you can do to get more. My doctor recommended Vitamin D supplements and also going out in the sun for 10 minutes a couple times a week (wearing sunscreen and a hat of course).

If you need advice on the best collagen supplements, hit yo girl up! Happy to help. Just let us know in the comment’s section below.

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