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Topical botox

Topical Botox – SAY WHAT?!?!?!!

We’ve got an insider tip for you! We’ve been keeping an eye on a start-up company called Revance Therapeutics.  They are working on a topical form of botulinum toxin – which of course is the active ingredient in Botox. They are calling it RT001.  It’s currently in the FDA-testing phase and could be HUGE! From what we’ve heard & seen, the FDA is notoriously slow for approving cosmetic products, so let’s not hold our breath!  However, we have heard that it’s working really great!

We will keep you in the loop on this new and exciting product! I mean just think… we can get a 2 in 1…. Moisturizer PLUS Botox – can I get an amen?!?

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