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Trader Joe’s Expands Skincare Line

How many of you Cheeky’s are Trader Joe fans? For me, it’s often been hit or miss… If I’m remembering right, they are famous for their 2 buck chuck wine or something like that… Each time I’ve attempted to find dirt cheap wine just for the hell of it, I end up not being able to find it and somehow over indulge and overspend on nicer wine & an assortment of cheeses & then maybe a flower assortment for god knows what reason other than I’m celebrating my fabulousness. I digress! I know there are a ton of folks who swear by their products or just love all their deals & adore certain food items, but I haven’t gotten there quite yet.

Side note: If you have any recommendations on your must-have’s, let us know in the comment’s section below. I’d love to become a regular there! 😉

Despite not being a super fan, I haven’t written them off completely because they a brand after our own hearts – they are expanding their Trader Joe’s skincare line in the best way. And what’s even better, the products range from $4-$6. While they have had some body creams here and there, I don’t know that they ever really focused on facial care, which I could be totally wrong, but these new releases seem to be very hyper-focused on our beautiful faces & with popular ingredients like rose water!

Whether you’re looking for a rose water facial (which does have witch hazel, and I lean more towards the side of not trusting witch hazel…Butttt, I would buy it to freshen up the room!!), honey mango shaving cream, a rose infused facial oil, a hyaluronic serum or a delicious facial oil that has argan and coconut oil to help moisturize the skin & take off makeup too! You can’t seem to go wrong with what they’re lining the shelves with,.

Despite not having tried the products ourselves, they’ve got good intentions, seemingly quality ingredients and no products are ever tested on animals. I’d certainly give it a try – what say you!?

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