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Sunscreen in hats UPF

UPF in Hats?

So you’ve realized that it’s time, now that you’re older, that you really need to start wearing a hat when you’re out in the sun (& maybe you’re ahead of the curve and realizing this at a young age). Between the new skin spots forming and the wrinkles, you realize that having a tan face to match your tan bod is no longer on the bucket list. Not to mention skin cancer posing a threat!

But you’re thinking…do I just get a regular old sun hat from Target? Sure, you most certainly can get a wide brimmed hat however, that won’t be the best protection out there. We recommend investing in a hat that has a UPF 50+ sun rating. What the heck does that mean!? Sun protective clothing is specifically designed for sun protection and is produced from fabric rated for its level of UV protection. UPF just means the ultraviolet protection factor which represents the ratio of sunburn-causing UV with and without protection of the fabric.

What are our choices you ask!? Well…….. I find them to be absolutely atrocious, but I proudly wear this heinous hat whenever I’m outside for an extended time. I may look slightly frumpy, but it’s worth it in the end. I purchased a ‘Sunday Afternoons’ hat for myself from the local REI, but you’ve got plenty of choices:

Men’s Sunhats
Women’s Sunhats

If you find a better looking option, please for the love of God let me know.


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