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Warm Weather Lifesavers: Body Wipes On The Go

I dunno if you guys can appreciate this, but when we mentioned we were moving to Florida, the first go-round to our Ohio friends (7 years ago!!!), they responded with sheer excitement. They couldn’t wait to have friends who lived near the beach to visit. For Ohioans and presumably many folks on the East coast, Florida is the go-to vacation spot that everyone seems to love. BUT, you get out here in Tucson, AZ and everyone sees California as their ‘Florida’ and when you tell folks you’re moving to Florida, the FIRST thing everyone mentions is HUMIDITY with a really big frown. You can practically hear the anxiety in their voices. They’re no where close to being excited because they live here for a reason & vacation in Cali & even Vegas for the same reason.. it’s dry as dirt and that means VERY little sweating. To folks in these neck of the woods, they see humidity as the enemy. I personally grew up with humidity and I don’t mind it, I may go as far as to say I prefer it. I mean, sure, I don’t prefer to be a sweaty mess or have swamp ass getting in and out of my car on a hot summer’s day (though I get that here, so it’s just apparently my thing), my body craves humidity. I had MUCH better hair days in Florida and my skin was noticeably healthier looking. It had that summer dew. I got here and my hair can barely breathe and my skin is constantly saying ‘WTF’… I mean, if you listen closely you could hear it or that’s probably just me under my breath. So while folks out here may not appreciate the humidity, so many of us live in environments where we’re getting ready to sweat our tush’s off. And even if you’re in a dry climate, you’re bound to sweat in some fashion with the spring and summer heat in our futures.

If you’re planning to rock the outdoor concerts, have more grill outs than one can fathom, gearing up to go camping, or you’re just looking forward to being outside after an overall crappy winter, there may be a solution to help you avoid & tackle the stickier days ahead. Oh and if you’re a worker outer {< new phrase} who maybe has errands after the gym or you just can’t take a shower right at that moment (or you’re just over life in that moment and can’t bear to think about showering), body wipes can be really great for you too.  We’ve touched upon our favorite face wipes a couple times on the blog, but we’ve never highlighted our favorite BODY wipes! Let’s get after it.

Okay,  so let’s say you can’t shower or use a body wipe… there can be quite a few negatives….

Negatives of Not Being ‘Clean’ 

You don’t smell that good

So this is a no-brainer. If you’ve ever pulled a Molly Shannon and sniffed your pits & thought ‘Dear lord’… then you know what I’m referring to. According to an article on WebMD, “While sweating is virtually odorless, bacteria use it as a breeding ground and multiply rapidly. What you smell is the products related to bacteria breakdown of keratin protein on the surface of your skin.”

Acne can be like ‘Heyyyyyy’

Sweat, smog, dust, dirt, bacteria, yada yada collect on your skin when you sweat. And when that happens & you let it sit on your skin, you may find that you are getting some more body acne here and there. While not all body acne can be cured by a good shower or quick wipe, it does generally help your skin to behave better.

Germs take over

According to a video featured in the Huffington Post, there are up to 1,000 species of bacteria hanging out on your skin, as well as 80 types of fungus. Delicious. While most of these germs aren’t bad, they can create bad environments for your skin. Not washing makes it easier for germs to spread & can cause things like the flu or diarrhea…. so yeah…. #gross

Your skin problems get worse

If you suffer from dry, red or itchy skin that’s caused by inflammation, you’ll see it worsen if ya skip showering or wipes and your skin will be all out of wack.

If any of the above has scared the living hell out of  you (like it has me), you may be interested to learn about our personal favorite body wipes. Oh and before I forget… the US society OVER showers. I mean, half of us deal with dry skin and showering can make it worse. So just monitor your skin and see if these wipes or your showering routine are good for you.

Our Favorite Body Wipes

What to look for…

  • Biodegradable is a plus
  • Durable
  • The larger size seems to be a plus
  • Hypoallergenic, good for sensitive skin
  • Individually wrapped is a bonus
  • Natural oils, like tea tree (acne) can be a great added ingredient

Yuni Beauty Shower Sheets, Large Body Wipes

Dude Shower Body Wipes

Degree Deodorant Wipes

Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Wipes

Degree Men Deodorant Wipes

Goodwipes Body Wipes

Herban Essentials Lavender Essential Oil Towelettes 

Images provided by their respective brands

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