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Wayskin Skin Analyzer

Though it’s only the end of August, I’ve got holidays on the brain. I’m looking forward to a trip to Colorado with our besties and the whole hustle and bustle of the Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas seasons. I haven’t gone so far as to listen to Christmas music (I’m not above it…), I’m on the level where I dream of the snow falling, the fireplace crackling and me in a cozy onesie. Doesn’t that sound heavenly? I was telling my family the other day that my favorite memories as a kid were in the wintertime. Ski trips were my ultimate favorite. Everyone was in the holiday spirit, you could spend the whole day being entertained and every night you would sleep like a baby and do it all again the next day. We all were such happy campers! Except for when my dad wore my little cousins ski boots the whole day which were at least 4 sizes too small and he had a black and blue toenail that evening 😉 Or maybe the time my brother flew off the ski lift about 7-10 feet above the ground (from what I remember) and I peed in my pants from laughing so hard… that made for an interesting rest of the day for everyone!

As I’ve been thinking about the holidays and my favorite memories as a kiddo, many of them tend to include thoughts about all the gadgets my brother & I would get to play with at Christmastime. It feels different as an adult… now you tend to get clothes, candles and even cash money (which we’re all lucky to be getting anything at all for the holidays, some folks are not that fortunate and we should always acknowledge how lucky many of us are), but it’s not too often nowadays that you get a gadget to ‘play’ with. Ya know what I mean? Sure, you can get a new computer or a new smartphone which is awesome, but nothing beats whipping out the scissors, being stabbed by the packaging and getting after the best gadget you’ve ever wished for… Like a Tamagachi or a Barbie car that you can play with for hours on end. (I had low standards as a kid…. And now I have too high of standards..)

I still love both skiing and gadgets and many a Cheeky blog posts tend to contain a new tool or device we stumble upon that can help our skin glow. Whether the treatment is performed in the doctors office or you can do it at home, I love learning about new ways to be entertained in the skincare realm & even more importantly, see results from.

And as I’m imagining myself skiing down the prettiest mountain you’ve ever seen, I also realize how dry your skin can become. So while my fantasies are full of excitement and bliss, I always get pulled back down to earth and think, ‘Sure, skiing is all fun and games till you realize your skin is chapped to hell and back’. Damn realism 😉

With the idea that I’m going to be spending future days skiing and enjoying a cold holiday this year (thoughts are things!!), it made me think about what new gadget we could research that targets the moisture levels of your skin. While I seemingly could go on and on like Cheeky Complexion is a journal I hide under my bed, it’s always got to come back to skincare because that’s why you’re here. If you deal with fluctuating moisture levels or you’re actually going to be snowed in this winter (or live in a dry environment), it may be time for us to keep an eye on how our skin is reacting.

That’s where Wayskin Skin Analyzer comes into play.

^ I’m now craving a donut….

Wbat is it?

‘A sleek, smart sensor that quickly measures skin’s moisture level along with ambient humidity and UV index while wirelessly cataloging and pairing with your mobile device via Bluetooth.’

How does it work?

‘The Wayskin analyzes and tracks skin’s moisture levels as well as ambient UV levels and humidity. It’s companion app (available for iOS and Android) can also monitor water intake throughout the day – helping you to hydrate more thoroughly and thoughtfully both inside and out!’

How can you use the Wayskin device to your advantage?

  • Testing out a new skincare product? Now you’ll have a device that tells you whether or not it’s helping you in the moisture department. Takes out the guesswork!
  • Love experimenting? Use the Wayskin device to monitor your progress and finally see if that mask you’ve been trying all along is really working!
  • Worried about your water intake? You’ll have a device that you can refer to on a routine basis that will tell you to ‘drink up!’
  • Tired of having dull and dry skin? Use this product religiously and get into the perfect habit and skincare routine that you’ve been craving.
  • Live in a dry climate where you have to work that much harder? This makes it easier for you to mature even more gracefully!

Benefits of hydrated skin

Speaking of which… I was talking to my skincare doctor the other day and she has practices in both Tucson and the NYC area & she said, ‘You would not believe the difference in skin quality between those two cities. Folks in Tucson have such a harder time with their skin because of the dryness and sun’. That comment in and of itself made me realize that hydrated skin is EVERYTHING! Well that and sunscreen. 

  • Your skin looks more plump and subtle
  • Your skin looks less dull
  • Your skin becomes less oily
  • Your acne is less aggravated
  • Your skincare products will work that much more
  • You mature slower

Images and some information provided by Wayskin & Glow Recipe

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