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Wearing Makeup While Exercising (Is Workout-Friendly Makeup Here to Stay?)

Inspired by the Wall Street Journal, shared by one of our favorite Cheeky’s, my dad.

As I’ve continued with my new found workout routine in the early mornings (don’t worry, I won’t keep referencing this), I find that there is ONE thing I do each and every time after working out. And this is shocking cause I can barely physically do the same thing twice. But the minute I finish working out, well, I think I start making coffee or I go to the restroom depending on how much water I’ve drank, but anyways, I always wash my face within 10 minutes of my workout. I can count on that. It’s almost a crazy impulse (shocking), but after we researched what working out/sweating can do to our skin, I realize how important it is.

Read the blog here in case you missed it:

Face Washing & Working Out

Since I’ve neurotically been washing my face after my workout every morning for the past 4 months, I was shocked when my dad, Greg shared this great article from the Wall Street Journal promoting makeup wearing whilst working out!

I may have mentioned this before, but when we lived in Tampa, FL, I couldn’t BELIEVE how many women wore a full face of makeup to the gym (and I’m talking like full, like Friday night, hot date level). I ain’t hating and it makes them feel good, so more power to them, but my workouts flew by because all I would think about is how their pores could be suffocating and it was just so distracting. And not only that, but by the end of the 4 years we lived there, I almost felt like I needed to be wearing makeup. Between the daily pressures in our lives, and social media, it’s nearly impossible to not feel some kind of impulse to put on mascara, at the very least. (If I put on mascara for my living room workout, I may start to worry about myself…..) But seriously! Whatever you’re into, I’m fully supporting your makeup or non-wearing makeup workout routines! You do you!

HOWEVER, we’re seeing some big changes when it comes to makeup & working out. Well at least according to this article. Those of who you who feel comfortable and confident wearing makeup or those of you who avoid wearing makeup because of your skin’s reaction, it seems that makeup companies are taking note.

In an online survey of 1,564 women conducted earlier this month by Pittsburgh polling firm CivicScience, 25% of women said they wore at least some makeup before working out.

In fact, in 2015, a former professional soccer player, Leslie Osborne, founded Sweat Cosmetics, because she and her teammates saw that there were very little options between traditional sunscreen and makeup. She felt the pressures of being on television and really wanted to look her best. We hear you girl! The line’s top selling product is a $42 powder-based skin foundation that doubles as a 30 SPF sunscreen, housed in a convenient refillable brush applicator.

And more recently, folks like Estée Lauder, e.l.f. & CoverGirl’s, Coty Inc. (plus a lot more) are launching their own version of ‘fit’ workout makeup. Estée Lauder’s line called CliniqueFit has a workout-friendly makeup with SPF 40 & a 24-hour long lasting mascara. e.l.f has a beauty active line that includes workout ready lip & cheek combo, called Gym Chic. Then you’ve got CoverGirl’s Outlast Active Collection (that has launched just in the last few weeks from when this blog was written), which features mascara, foundation and setting spray that claims it’s sweat-proof, humidity-proof & lasts a whopping 24 hours – hopefully you’re not exercising for that long, though it could come in handy for humid spots like Tampa, FL…..Oh and even good old Wet N Wild… man they’ve been around for a while, is launching a Pump makeup collection with more than 30 products geared towards workouts.

There have been some negative feedback when it comes to workout-friendly makeup. Some women feel like exercise was THE safe space where you didn’t have to wear makeup or you weren’t expected to wear it. Others argued that it yet another double standard in how athletic women are treated. Whatever your opinion may be, Clinique’s president, Jane Lauder (wow, they’re family-owned???) said something that resonated with me. She said, “It’s not about telling them what to do,” “It’s giving them options.”

It seems that this whole workout-friendly makeup is here to stay though. Tarte Cosmetics tested subjects in a ‘sweat chamber’ where the room was a whopping 100 degrees and were asked to move around to see if their mascara smudged. 93% of participants said they were smudge-free 😉 Thanks ladies for going above & beyond! Sounds too hot for me!!!

So, now that ya know what’s coming in hot for you and your beautiful skin…. just know we’re starting to get options (those of us who want them anyway). It’s also going to be good for us to research the ingredients in these bad boys. I think I’d be extra motivated to see what the ingredients are. What do you think? Are you excited? Are you like, ‘Nah, not for me’. Would love to hear from you in the comment’s below.

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