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What to Do When You’ve Got Wedding Ring Rash!?

Or any ring for that matter that you wear often & rarely take off!

I’ve got wedding bands on the mind as my poo bear and I are getting married in 19 days! We’ve only really told some family and a few friends to keep my anxiety and this whole wedding thing low key, but it’s really happening! We’re headed to the court house and a little weekend getaway (we’re taking the formal honeymoon early next year so we can go skiing). I think it’ll be nice and relaxing 😉 I guess after 10 years with my hunny, it feels right to both of us! But neither here nor there…. I had a wedding band situation a couple months ago and all the sudden I was panicking thinking I was allergic to my beautiful engagement ring & wedding bands that I’m wearing prematurely 😉 I didn’t tell poo bear about it until the ring became unbearable to wear and the weird infection I was getting was all the sudden getting worse and worse.

Gahhhh and we got our wedding photos taken the other day to make a memory of the ‘day’ and this background up on Mt. Lemmon is TO DIE FOR! Oh and so is my hunny!!!! (better view of the dress if you’re interested)

Before sheer panic set in, thinking it was cursed and I shouldn’t get married (yes I’m a psycho and very superstitious), I decided to call a nearby jeweler and see if maybe it needed to be cleaned. Thank god I actually went to a logical response (I usually don’t) because that did the trick. It’s actually called ‘wedding ring rash’ and the jeweler was not surprised. Huh, who would have thought!?

Individuals with a history of sensitive skin, eczema, allergies, or atopic dermatitis are more prone to this type of rash and many can wear their ring for years before getting any symptoms. Then once you get it, it can become chronic. Wedding ring rash is most commonly caused by either an actual allergy to the nickel component of the ring itself or an irritation from the buildup of soap or debris under the ring.

If you’re noticing a little irritation under your engagement/wedding bands or you’ve had it before and are interested in the most helpful ways to combat it, then we’ve got you covered.

Take your ring off when you wash your hands – so though this is considered the best way to combat wedding ring rash, it certainly is the most ‘dangerous’. I can just see my crazy butt leaving it in the bathroom at the airport and yeah, you know what happens next – you never find it again 😉 But according to many skin experts, taking it off while washing your hands will help you avoid wedding ring rash every time.

If taking your ring off ain’t your thang, then it’s important to rinse all the soap from underneath your ring and dry your hands well. 

I also read that a dermatologist in Chicago recommends painting the inside of your ring with clear nail polish to help keep any nickel causing stuff away from your skin.

Wash your hands at night with a ceramide-based cleanser. Ceramides are fats that help maintain the protective barrier of the skin. The more you wash, the more those ceramides get stripped out, and ceramide-containing products will help greatly.

If you’ve got the wedding ring rash already, take your ring off and leave it off for about a week. Then head on over to the local Walgreens for an over-the-counter, topical cortisone ointment (which is more powerful than cream) and applying it twice a day to the affected area.

Clean your ring every couple weeks, if not every week at home. There are several trusted brands of at-home cleaning aids so be sure to ask your jeweler if they’ve got one they can give you or sell you. I got one from my jeweler, but here’s a popular one I’ve seen around town.

Have your ring cleaned by a professional twice a year.

Any other tips and tricks to share with us Cheeky’s? Let us know in the comment’s section below. Until next time, please send positive vibes on this beauteous occasion 😉

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