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What Does Drinking Coconut Water Do For Your Skin?

As I was in the grocery store the other day, one of my very favorite places for some odd reason, I decided I would get onto the coconut water train and see what it can do for my skin! Have you drank coconut water for more beautiful skin? Let’s give it a try together and see what we can expect.

The grocery store is really a happy place for me… It’s got flowers, cleaning supplies (AKA ‘smell goods’), cat toys, a designated beauty aisle, endless supplies of unique foods, bright lights, lots of people, employees that are always happy (many of whom are mentally disabled and I LOVE how they have found their calling)… I dunno, it’s just really calming for me. It’s like I’m showing up for my solo act and I’m there to perform. I listen to music (sometimes sing, oftentimes dance), smile at everyone passing by (unless it’s this one grocery store near me and I think the extremely old people are just not having all that good of day when they arrive), judge people’s carts as they unload them onto the conveyor – I LOVE trying to guess the lives of people after I’ve seen their shopping cart. They must have a lot of kids… or maybe they’re single… Ooohhh are they vegetarian? My god they love chicken…Whoah, they must really like sweets. Ek, I wouldn’t drink THAT much Mountain Dew! You know…The list just goes on and on. But anyways, I find it to be the perfect time to explore!

As I was doing my weekly exploring, this time venturing into the healthy foods/soaps/vitamins aisle which I mostly avert my eyes to because I have very few vices and I for some reason just can’t get on the whole quinoa, kale, nut mix train. But good on ya if you do… you’ll probably live longer than me! 😉 But anyways, I set foot in that aisle to see what sorts of vitamins are ‘in’, any new organic body soaps, any new collagen supplements, etc. So as I was boot scooting around, I stumbled upon a royal shit ton of coconut water varieties. WINNING!

I remember very vividly when we lived in Tampa a very similar experience, except when I tried the coconut water the first time, I thought I was going to die from the taste. It certainly wasn’t coconutty (not a real word) and I actually don’t know what it tasted like, I can’t really describe it to you, but my tastebuds were like, ‘yeah we’re good…’ Has anyone else tried it? Anyways, now that it’s a few years later I thought maybe my affinity for coconut water has changed. Plus, it’s a topic Cheeky can appreciate so I thought I’d throw some varieties in my cart and take 2. (Wonder what people thought about my cart… ‘She must REALLY love coconut water’ LOL!) (Real health nut in aisle 5)

^ There’s me being a boss… Matcha green tea mask on and a highlight of a couple of the coconut waters I picked up. Side note, the Vita Coco one is the one I’d recommend… the Bai drink is more of an antioxidant drink and not as potent. Both are coconut flavored – was excited to see that new option from Vita Coco.

Okay, enough ‘story time’ from me and let’s get into what drinking coconut water actually does for your skin.

What is coconut water & why is it fabulous?

Coconut water is an organic product rich in nutrients and vitamins. Coconut water contains high amounts of vitamin C that help with collagen formation but also contains vitamins A, K and has plenty of B complex vitamins for optimal health. Antioxidants are another big component as these will work to remove toxins from the body. In addition to good old iron & protein, coconut water has high levels of potassium, which helps with hydration and even calcium absorption, which promotes skin growth. Who knew!? Now we both do!


Coconut is not a ‘nut’ as folks tend to think. It is actually a stone fruit found on the palm trees that really shine in the coastal tropical environments. This tree usually yields several hundreds of coconuts every season, depending upon the species and the area. The water part of coconut water is actually the juice present inside the endosperm (basically the inside) of the young (about 5-7 months old) and cute coconut. This clear liquid is sweet (I beg to differ) and sterile and contains various essential nutrients!

Lastly, many people confuse coconut water with coconut milk. Higher in fat and calories, coconut milk is extracted from the flesh of the coconut and is thicker, sweeter and more dense.

Let’s see how it helps our skin!

Acne fighter – Because coconut water acts an anti-inflammatory, detoxifier and an anti-microbial, it’s super capable of helping decrease the amount of acne on your skin. Another interesting fact that I learned is that coconut water, when probably absorbed in your gut can actually reduce the amount of oil that your skin makes – in turn, reduces the recurrence of acne.

Anti-ager – Turns out the vitamins in coconut water have been shown to decrease the rate of skin aging, allowing the skin to repair itself more effectively.

Skin booster – Drinking coconut water can generally improve the health and look of your skin! It helps your skin stay hydrated so you’ll likely notice less wrinkles and more of an overall ‘plump’ look.

Reduces cellulite – Now this one was a new one for me that I learned from Dr. Axe. Coconut water helps prevent the formation of ‘acidic atmosphere’ in the body that paves way for cellulite formation!

Decreases stress – Some of the electrolytes found in coconut water, specifically calcium and magnesium, may help with stress. And by now, us Cheeky’s know that stress can play a major role in how our skin matures. The less stress, the better!

#CheekyConfidential Be wary of how much coconut water you drink. If you drink a shit ton it can cause an increase in sugar content in blood and too much potassium can cause some major issues… so don’t go overboard. I read no more than a couple servings of coconut water a day!

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