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What To Do About Forehead Wrinkles

Lately I’ve been getting SO MANY Cheeky questions either via email and even in-person in some cases and that makes my LIFE & day when I do hear from y’all. So don’t forget that you can contact us anytime with your skincare questions.

One recent inquiry we got was that a Cheeky was ‘concerned’ about her husband’s forehead wrinkles (he was too). He was discouraged with the amount of wrinkles he’s been getting in his forehead area and what he can do to prevent further ones and if there is anything he can do to treat the ones he currently has.

I, myself, have a love hate relationship with forehead lines so this topic is definitely one of my passions. While I love to be able to move my eyebrows and let those suckers do the talking… because my damn face is so expressive and I want to be able to portray an emotion just by wrinkling my forehead, there is also a part of me that hates those lines. Those lines come in all types of forms… Whether you’re talking about the lines between your eyebrows, often referred to as the ’11’s’ or the horizontal lines you get from lifting  your eyebrows, they can be of bother to some people. I notice that when I’m confused, I tend to strengthen that 11 muscle area and have those eyebrows come together. So being that I am often confused in life, I tend to do that motion on a regular basis. HOWEVER, since I make that emotion so regularly, I spend the most amount of my Botox money on that area. I don’t like looking confused and I personally don’t like to have those lines stamped onto my head. And then at the same time, I also lift my eyebrows all the time and as I grew wiser, I noticed I was getting some horizontal fine lines, so I started alternating my Botox sessions between the two areas. I found that if you did both areas at the same time, you are never ever, ever able to look like you are reacting, on any level LOL!

BUT, I know that not everyone is down for the Botox route and that’s PERFECTLY a-okay. So the topic of today is to review the options you have for those fine lines and wrinkles and what we can do to prevent them from forming deeply in the first place.

Tip #1

Wear the HECK out of your sunscreen (& re-apply often). I saw on the Skin Cancer Foundation’s website that 90% of the visible skin changes associated with aging are actually caused by the sun! That is a royal shit ton. Pardon my french, but it’s true.  So WEAR sunscreen! That’s the best prevention technique we can offer. If you’re ready to take your sunscreen seriously (like our Cheeky’s husband is), here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • UVA & UVB is a must
  • 35-50 SPF is the best
  • Broad spectrum sunscreen should be your jam
  • I personally love to use a liquid AND powder tinted sunscreen because that way I can touch up all day long
  • Find products that have titanium dioxide and zinc oxide
  • If skin pigmentation is a problem, look for products that contain iron oxide

Tip #2

Botox can certainly be your friend if you’re up to it. I personally don’t find issue with Botox and have been dabbling with it since I was 19. I’m part of a Pizza Club in Tucson and I hear from pretty many gals in the club that they’re considering it but either a little scared or just hesitant because of the stigma behind it. I find it to be one of the best ways to help myself feel gorg. It softens my face and gets rid of those lines and wrinkles. If your doctor is worth a damn, he or she will listen to you and customize the Botox results. What I mean by that…. I went to a place in Tucson when I first got here and she performed the Botox without asking any questions and I felt like I had a cement forehead for 5 months. It was creepy! Sure, I didn’t have a line in sight, but I want to be able to move my face! Then I found my girl, Dr. Rubbani at Tucson Cosmetics and she focuses on being a ‘Botox artist’ and ‘shoots’ me in just the right ways where I can move but I still look younger. In fact, she often has me tell her a story so that she can see how my face moves before she injects me. Keep the dialog open with your doctor and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you have about Botox (& even fillers too!)

Common Botox questions

  • It’s anywhere from $8-12/unit. In my forehead, I’ll get about 20 units if that helps you do some math. 
  • It usually lasts for 3-5 months
  • My doctor told me one time to take Zinc supplements to help keep Botox from metabolizing so quickly (a study shows a 30% average increase in duration effect when taken)
  • You can get numbing cream during your visit, but I don’t think it hurts at all
  • Ice after treatment can help if you’re sore
  • I tend to get a headache after, so I typically take some Advil before my appointment
  • It takes about 10 days to show effect

Tip #3

Don’t shy away from treatments. Treatments at your local skincare clinic can be really overwhelming, but there are some really great options for forehead wrinkles (& wrinkles in general).

#CheekyConfidential Don’t forget to wear SUNSCREEN if you do one of these treatments!

Chemical peels – This is a great treatment to remove the outer layers of the skin, revealing a much less damaged (less wrinkled) under layer. Click on that chemical peels link because it has SO much information on the types and benefits.

Microdermabrasion – This procedure works by ‘sanding’ off the dead, top layers of your skin, thus making way for new, smoother skin! Microdermabrasion uses little crystals to help rid of dull skin, brown spots, acne scars & age spots.

Dermaplaning – With dermaplaning, the person performing the treatment uses a 10 gauge scalpel to rid of the top layer of dull, dead skinIt also helps remove the stubborn peach fuzz (or in my lovely case, full on facial hair though my hair removal treatment is getting somewhere!) Dermaplaning allows your skin to better absorb topical products, diminishes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles & even can prime your skin for more invasive procedures like chemical peels.

Laser Resurfacing – Used for skin rejuvenation, reduction of fine lines & wrinkles, improvement of deeper wrinkles, repair of sun damage, reduction of age spots & improvement in acne scarring. Fractional lasers work by delivering light through microbeams to the skin. These microbeams penetrate below the epidermis and into the dermis. The tissue within these beams initiates a natural healing process that accelerates the formation of new, healthy tissue and the fractional treatment of the skin allows for faster healing with visible results in skin texture, color, fine lines & beyond.

I’ve had all these treatments and would be happy to discuss more of my thoughts. I vote for the laser resurfacing and chemical peel!

Tip #4

Get on a really great retinoidRetinoids can be amazing exfoliators. They help to remove dead skin cells that could clog pores that cause acne flare-ups. They also speed up your skin’s cell turnover, while boosting collagen and elastin. How do they do that? They boost collagen and elastin by stimulating cellular repair. Thus, less wrinkles! I’m a firm believer that both prescription retinoids and over-the-counter retinoids do a damn good job. I really like SkinMedica’s Retinol Complex but I’m tempted to just call my dermatologist and get a script cause it’s much cheaper. The prescription version can often be higher in percentage than the over-the-counter, but whatever is easiest for you… I truly think all types do a great job. Even hybrid versions like the one we just recommended to a Cheeky – Avene Retrinal 0.1 (The Cheeky said, ‘Good thing: thanks to you my skin is already looking better. That Avene… is miraculous’)!!!!!

Tip #5

Be aware of how you move your face. This may seem like a no-brainer, but when I am studying people’s facial movements, I’m always so enamored with how their faces form into those expressions. If someone is a perpetual frowner, you can see those frowning lines and wrinkles popup when they talk. Or like in my case, I make that confused face with my eyebrows and I’m super aware that I do it and take myself out of it when I notice it happening. So just pay attention to that beautiful face of yours. I really think you can train yourself to stop making those expressions if you really put your mind to it.

Tip #6

Embrace the forehead wrinkles! Remember, the purpose of this blog is to help women and men discover skincare tricks and treatments. It’s not to make you feel badly about your skin. So if you’re loving your forehead the way it is, LOVE it!

Then we’ve got some up tips and tricks up our sleeve that don’t necessarily require a whole description, but they are tips and tricks we follow too to help us with forehead lines and wrinkles:

  • Jade rolling to soften and massage the skin
  • Patting your skincare products (rather than rubbing)
  • Use a glycolic acid on a weekly basis to exfoliate
  • Consider a cleansing brush to help exfoliate
  • Wear a hat all the time (1 minute in the sun without sunscreen has been proven to damage skin) – even if you’re just running from your car to the store
  • Use a sun shade in your car – don’t become this truck driver
  • Drink plenty of water – your skin definitely shows when you’re dehydrated
  • Moisturize often
  • Use a night cream
  • Consider a great cream that contains peptides

Has anyone used those frownies? Those patches you can use for forehead lines and wrinkles? I’d love to know more if you have…

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