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Allure Best of Beauty

What’s the Allure Beauty Box?

Many of you have heard about the Best of Beauty Winner by Allure or you have at least seen their seal.  Allure is seen as the leading source of skin care and have a HUGE staff to test and use products on the shelves & then recommend them to us.  We dig it! It makes our lives easier, right!?download

But have you heard about the only editor-curated beauty box for $15 a month? Each month you’ll receive deluxe-sized product samples from major brands that they trust & even innovative newcomers that their editors deem to be the BEST OF THE BEST!

We’re signing up after we finish this blog. Let us test out some products for you & give you feedback on what works & what doesn’t! The only gripe we have is that it includes makeup samples which leaves out a lot of men.

And speaking of men, try the Birchbox for men. It’s a similar product as Allure’s beauty box, but it only gives you products dedicated to a man’s skin. If you’re interesting in signing up for Birchbox (either man or woman), just visit my link.

Have you tried beauty boxes before? What did you think? Who did you trust? What new products did you discover?

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