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Facial sprays

What’s the Deal With Facial Sprays?!

Facial sprays have hit the skincare market by storm! Though sprays like Evian Mineral Water Spray have been on shelves for years, the amount of choices you have are incredible, bar none. You may be thinking to yourself… what exactly are facial sprays and what benefits could they really have? I mean isn’t Evian Mineral Spray an easy way to dump a water bottle on your face!? While that’s true, the skincare industry is perfecting these sprays and now have added benefits ranging from makeup setting to hydrating to ones packed with essential oils! If you’ve got a need, chances are there’s a perfect solution (pun intended) out there!

#CheekyConfidential In our quest for perfect skin, we learned that Evian Mineral Water Spray actually dries out your skin! We’ve stopped buying it since then!

Why should you be face spraying!?

  1. Your skin needs hydration throughout the day
  2. Your skin needs a pick me up
  3. Your want your makeup to look less cakey
  4. Your nose could use an aromatherapy session (the smells are often divine)
  5. You just want to spray, dammit!

Mists come in all shapes, sizes & benefits! Let’s review some of our top picks!

Skin Perfecting

Laura Mercier Perfecting Water Moisture Mist

Image compliments of LauraMercier.com


Makeup Setting

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+

Image compliments of MACCosmetics.com

NYX Dewey Finish Spray

Image compliments of Ulta.com


Clinique Moisture Surge

Image compliments of Clinique.com


Skin Perfecting 

C+ Collagen Mist Perfect Skin Set & Refresh

Image compliments of Dr. Dennis Gross

Kiehl’s Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist (because we love cacti!)

Image compliments of Kiehls.com

#CheekyConfidential Look for an alcohol-free spray

Any DIY’ers up in here!!? That’s ‘do it yourselfers’ for the slang challenged! We’ve made this concoction before!

  • Rosewater
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Jojoba oil
  • Several drops of essential oils of your choice

Fill the spray bottle halfway with rosewater. Next, fill it ¾ of the way with jajoba oil. Top it off with vegetable glycerin (optional: essential oils). Shake away!

Tell us your favorite facial sprays in the comments section below.

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