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When Is It Time to Start a New Regime?

(This image tho… LOL! I don’t know why I love her so much! Getting a great ‘start’ LOL!)

We had a Cheeky write in to us just the other day requesting a full skin analysis, but one of her questions was, ‘When is it time to start a new skincare regime’. Once again, Julie has amazed us with such a great question.

Have you been wondering the same? Are you finding that what you’re doing now isn’t completely working? Or maybe you’re testing products for one particular skin issue and you’re just not seeing the results that you expected? This is a VERY common occurrence and I personally feel like I’m always ready to start a new regime… whether a new product I got just isn’t giving enough hydration, or whether my melasma is back with the heat this summer… it’s ever changing for me. I really love change, though I’m not always the most stable when it happens, I crave it. Plus, I think too it depends on how patient you are. If you’re seeing dryness from a new face wash within the first week, switch it up. But if you’re not seeing results from a retinoid in the first week, that’s when you need patience. It’s all a balancing act.

I read once that, ‘Concealer is your always first to call with a blemish, rather than salicylic acid’ and that couldn’t be more true. The reason why I mention this is because if there is something we’re needing to cover up or conceal, whether it’s acne, dark circles, etc. it probably means that our current regime isn’t working or it is working, but you need a boost. I truly believe that most skin ailments are fixable. My skincare specialist, Dr. Rubbani taught me that!

As a good rule of thumb, the more work that needs to be done on a cellular level, the longer it will take to notice results (wrinkles, melasma, acne). If you’re needing to physically change the cell’s behaviors, then you can’t expect results in a few weeks or even a few months.

There are definitely some products that should produce results more quickly:

You should also consider that the items above can be changed out more often than not. If you find that you don’t like it, switch it up. Can’t hurt! 

Products that take longer to work:

Retinoids can take almost 12 weeks to work & then they even continue to work after that, so if there is anything that is targeting a more substantial concern on your skin, you can expect it to take 3 to 4 months to work.

I would also recommend you be scientific when it comes to introducing new products. Consider a one-in, one-out policy. When you introduce a new product, stick with it for 1-4 months and see where that gets you. But we definitely recommend adding/replacing products individually so you can see what’s best for your skin.

To directly answer the question though…. I personally find that if you’re discovering a larger need to ‘change it up’ or you’re questioning it, it’s time to consider a new product for that concern or delve into the ‘treatment’ portion of skincare. As I mentioned before, I was noticing that my melasma was coming back with this 110 degree heat… so I first went to my products and was finding that no matter how much I put on or used, I wasn’t seeing results (even though I don’t exercise (get hot) outside nor go in the sun). I have been actually falling asleep with ice packs on my face because I am just so damn hot and my skin needs to cool down. It was then about this week that I decided, it’s time for a deeper laser peel. I knew that no matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t going to find reprieve. I’ve got a CO2 Laser appointment on August 15th because I needed a new regime! My melasma needed a burst of awesomeness on a cellular level and I wasn’t going to get it with any of my products no matter how amazing they are. 

#CheekyConfidental If any of you Cheeky’s are hot this summer and you see your dark spots reappearing, drink cucumber juice and munch on white radishes (Daikon). My doc told me those 2 foods are GREAT for cooling your body down. Expect to see me at Whole Foods here soon to get it going. (I’m not a Whole Foods regular, but that’s where Dr. Rubbani said they have white radishes)

So that leads me into my main point with Julie’s question… If you find that you’re not happy with your skin & you’ve tried all sorts of products, it’s probably time to bring in the bigger guns and consider a ‘more’ invasive treatment done at your skincare clinic. 

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