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Why Ice Rollers Are the Perfect Spring Addition

I don’t know about you but I typically run HOT. If it’s remotely warm outside, I will definitely feel warm to the touch. And not only that, but apparently I’m a human electric heater in bed as my husband and family members can confirm. While I still get cold and am always freezing in the mornings, I will get crazy hot to the touch when the outside temperature is warm. My husband, poo bear, can withstand SO MUCH HEAT. I mean, I remember when he went to Afghanistan and it was 120 degrees Fahrenheit and he would have all the equipment on and say, ‘Oh it’s not that hot’… I’m thinking, MY GOD. So despite that my hot body temperature is irritating, I decided that this year, I would finally do something about it (I’m really trying to weed out the things that irritate me and be more proactive – it’s been a super fantastic exercise). Though last summer in Tucson, I successfully walked around with ice packs most of the day (and even did a ‘ice bucket challenge’ and donated to the MLS society), I still want to up my game and get my face cooled. Since I’m a big melasma sufferer, I really try to avoid getting my face too hot, outside of a traditional workout. If I let it get too toasty, my melasma definitely pops up at the worst times! So I’m not about to live that life this year.

This go-round, I’m going to be partaking in ice rollers! Perhaps you’ve heard of ice rollers before, or maybe you don’t have an affliction to heat like I do, we can still all benefit from these nifty, affordable devices.

What is an ice roller?

Ice is really an exaggeration in the name as it’s actually not ice. But it’s basically a facial massager that has been chilled (not frozen) to achieve the benefits of mixing facial massaging with cool temperatures!

Benefits of an ice roller

Besides putting melasma in its place, ice rollers have a variety of benefits:

  • Constriction in the skin – resulting in smaller pores & blood vessels
  • Smoother skin
  • More even skin tone
  • Soothes inflammation and irritation
  • Rids of redness & even some sensitivities
  • Reduction in puffiness
  • Soothes unwanted facial tension
  • Helps prevent dry skin

How to use an ice roller

There are a variety of reasons to use your ice roller

  • If your eyes are lovely & puffy, gently roll an ice roller around the under-eye area to bring relief and help shrink all that puffiness.
  • After a waxing treatment or even Botox, roll the ice roller on your skin to help reduce inflammation & to soothe the skin.
  • If you have a big old breakout, ice-rolling the area helps to soothe any itching and pain and can even help smooth the overall skin.
  • Before bed and at the end of your skin care routine, ice roll your face, neck and chest. Not only does this help you wake up even fresher & more beautiful (how is that possible!!!), it’ll help with just about any skin ailment you suffer from.
  • Or if you wake up puffy because of how you slept or maybe you’re allergies are a wreck, massage after your skincare routine and before makeup to help perk up the face.
  • Get a little too much sun? Use this handy device to help calm the skin and reduce any potential burns.

For an overall treatment, start by rolling across the forehead, twerking around the eyes, the cheeks, around the mouth, along the jaw and then downwards on the neck to boost lymphatic drainage. We recommend always moving your ice roller in an upward motion & back. Just think of you physically pulling at your skin to lessen your fine lines & wrinkles. That’s what this is trying to do!

#CheekyConfidential Remember to always clean and dry your ice roller after use so it doesn’t hold onto any gross bacteria. A quick wipe-down of the surface with good old rubbing alcohol after each use will keep your ice rolling tool pretty & clean. 

Our favorite ‘ice’ rollers

PS I would choose all 3 in this case! They really were the best I could find! 

ESARORA Ice Roller

Vanity Planet Revive Ice Roller

Skin Is Good My Calming Cooler

Images provided by their respective brands.

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