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Why We Need to Be Patting Our Skincare Products

My love for Japanese skincare regimes, techniques and products has gotten REAL!

We first began our research when we learned how ostrich egg yolk is GREAT for your skin? I know, we’re still trying to comprehend it too. But Japanese men and women are about as amazing as Korean men and women at taking care of their skin (if not equals). In our last blog post, we highlighted what makes Japanese skincare regimes different than Americans (& many other countries), such as:

  1. Cleansing is a must! They often triple cleanse, as opposed to the Korean skincare routine of double cleansing!
  2. Essence is relied on to hydrate the skin, helping with anti-aging & promoting glowing skin.
  3. You can’t NOT take your collagen powder, supplement, pill, whatever! Japanese men and women take collagen like its their job.
  4. Patting is key! In order to blend your skincare products best, the Japanese prefer to pat rather than rub. It also doesn’t mess with your lymphatic system.
  5. Sheet masks are routine & done on a daily basis.
  6. Facial massaging is key – get out your jade roller to reduce puffiness and help circulation.
  7. Preventing UV damage and sun spots is a huge priority in the Japanese skin-care regimen – think the brand Shisedo.
  8. Sunscreen is a CRAZY must!
  9. No man or woman should ever go to bed without a proper night cream.

But one particular that has stuck out to us was how they PAT their skincare! ‘Oooohhh’, we thought, ‘Tell us more!’ I know you guys are dying to know the particulars too, so let’s get into it! Whoop whoop!

#CheekyConfidential One thing we must not forgot is that ‘warming up’ skincare products in our hands (i.e. gently patting before applying to skin) can make a world of difference in how our skin soaks it up!

Skincare aficionados in Japan say that patting on lotions, serums, oils, creams & even sunscreens is the key application for perfect skin, rather than scrubbing.

Referred to as the “skin patting” approach, the technique encourages people to pat on their skincare to help stimulate blood flow and promote collagen, plus so much more which we’ll get into. For centuries, Japanese women have been admired and even envied for their beautiful skin & we’re now privy as to why – they be patting!

But what makes patting so fabulous you ask? There are a couple main reasons – 

  • Patting inhibits you from tugging at the skin as you would with traditional rubbing
  • Patting stimulates collagen
  • Patting helps to stimulate blood flow
  • Patting stops you from messing with your lymphatic system – if you spread on your cream for instance, you can accidentally push against the flow of your lymphatic system, which will make your beautiful face look puffy, especially around the eye area.

Cheeky LOVES to learn about other skin cultures & I’ve always heard that you should NEVER EVER stop learning & we’re so glad to have learned a little bit about Japanese skincare. We have readers all over the world, if you know a thing or two about Japanese skincare, drop it in the comment’s section below.

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