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Your Chin & Aging

I was at my all-time favorite place the other day…. my local skincare joint… literally makes my heart so happy! I look so forward to going because I get to learn all the ins and outs about skin. I basically grill the doctor and her technicians every time I go – they probably think I’m a psychopath with all my questions, but they are just so darn knowledgeable. In fact, I’ve never told them I have a skincare blog because I don’t want them holding back any information. I’m afraid that if I tell them, they won’t give me any of these secret tips and tricks in fear of the information being misinterpreted. For now, I’ll keep going to them incognito and then maybe eventually we can chat 😉 I did ask if they were hiring (I love my job and will stay with it as long as my dad is working), and they gladly said they would love to have me! So I did pat my back a little in the car thinking they wouldn’t have said that if I appeared totally knowledge-less!! So we’re all still in good hands! WHEW!

Anyways, when I was there the other day, I was getting electrolysis for my extremely gorgeous facial hair and I also wanted to see if they could spruce me up with a couple Botox injections… because those are my favorite. They just make me happy! They’re not for everyone, but I love ’em. Anyways, I really love having them dissect my face. That is ALSO not for everyone because you can get overly concerned with any critiques or remarks they make, but I especially love it for some weird reason, plus I often learn a lot of tips. While I was sitting there and realizing that my Botox bill was going to cost me what it costs for a pedicure because it was just a refresher, I asked, ‘Anything else I need?’. I of course, along with you don’t NEED anything, because we’re all beautiful in our own right… but they knew what I meant. She told me to talk and make facial expressions – which I can’t NOT make facial expressions, so I started chatting and the doc said, ‘Let’s inject your chin’. I immediately said, ‘Oh those are like pock marks from when I had some chin acne in high school.’ The gal quickly responded, ‘Looks like aging to me’…. I was totally mind blown, but then I realized that TEXTURE is what changes the most as we get wiser. I’ve said it before and will continue to say it… but texture is really a giveaway to how we’re getting more and more beautiful as we age. So I asked, ‘How so?’…….. Then the conversation took off!!! YASS! I lovooovooeoeoeoeoeoe when they chatter.

Most folks seeking treatment are looking to eliminate a rough texture that has developed on the front area of their chin due to a hyperactive mentalis muscle. This condition is called crêping, but is most commonly referred to as an “orange peel”. We have over 40 muscles in our chin area and as we age, the muscles begin to effect how the skin appears, thus creating a dimpled, orange peel type effect. As the doc was talking, I realized that is indeed what I am experiencing. She also said, overtime, it will become more pronounced, but Botox is something that can cause it to lessen and soften. And regardless of your age or stage in life, you can soften and prevent the skin from crêping! Whooooahhh, mind blown again.

How does it work

Up to ten Botox (I think I had 4 at $10 a unit) units are used across four injection points on the chin and mouth. The injections are placed superficially to avoid any deep nerves, as Botox impacts the nerve endings to prevent molecular signals from being transmitted to the muscle. Deep injections can negatively impact chin and lip movements, which can result in an unnatural “frozen chin.” It takes about a week for you to notice the benefits and typical injections last anywhere from 3 to 4 months.

For more severe cases of dimpling or wrinkling, it is not uncommon for docs to combine Botox with hyaluronic acid fillers in order to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome.

Botox in this area also works for an over pronounced chin crease or line in the chin that we also get as we grow wiser. It’s that line that appears right in the middle of your chin, again from overuse of muscles.

Now, the point of this article is not for you to immediately go into the mirror and see how you have a dimpled chin and be sad about it! Don’t ever be sad about your beauty – texture and all! But I want to make sure that Cheeky’s are aware of all the things they can do for their skin for areas that may ‘bother’ you. I personally was glad she told me so I can get a couple injections a couple times a year and not see as drastic texture changes in the years to come. But that’s just me. As they say, knowledge is power and if it helps you, then it’s a win for Cheeky!

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